Arizona Cops Can Use CBD

Arizona Cops Can Use CBD

CBD Gets OK from AZ Police Board

On June 19, the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZPOST) issued a statement clarifying that it “does not view the use or possession of over-the-counter products containing CBD as constituting the illegal use or possession of marijuana, a dangerous drug, or a narcotic drug.”

Original Source: Phoenix New Times

In a hugely significant development, the ruling body that governs conduct and standards of Arizona police officers has concluded that the use of legal, over-the-counter CBD products is acceptable.

Because many new applicants have disclosed the use of CBD for pain and inflammation, the board decided to review the issue.

On June 19th, they determined that CBD is not a narcotic and that its possession and use do not constitute a violation of the law or of regulations pertaining to police conduct.

Police looking for cannabis

Great News For Hemp

This is great news for CBD/hemp in general. It further legitimizes the use of federally legal hemp products.

It’s even better news for folks in law enforcement. It is a watershed event. The physical and emotional demands of police work are severely taxing on cops. They perhaps could benefit more from CBD than the general public.

Now – at least in one state – they do not have to face dismissal for using a legal product.

Of course THC is another matter. It will be a long time before it will be OK for to test positive for that particulars cannabinoid.

In a wider view, it might be signal that state and local law enforcement is not too concerned about hemp.

Arizona is a fairly conservative state. They have medical marijuana but not recreational weed.

Other states, such as Texas, still consider hemp – with even trace amounts of THC- to be illegal. Hopefully this ruling will spread acceptance for the use of hemp products even for member of law enforcement.

Fingers crossed.

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