What Is the Best Way to Vape CBD?

What Is the Best Way to Vape CBD?

Your Guide to the Different Ways to Vape CBD

You have lots of choices when it comes to vaping CBD/hemp extract. Here are the different ways you can vape CBD:

Perhaps you’ve heard that vaping CBD can bring immediate relief for pain, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches.

So you might have read that vaping is fastest, most effective way to consume CBD.  You may have heard that it’s more convenient and more cost-efficient  than sublingual tinctures or gummies

Maybe you’ve even done a little looking around about it on the internet.

But you’ve never vaped before and the whole thing seems a bit overwhelming.

There are so many devices and CBD products out there. Plus this whole vaping thing seems a bit weird – maybe even scary.

Don’t Worry! You’ve come to the right article.  We will guide you through the best methods and products so you can enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD in the most satisfying and safest way possible.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Don’t Be Afraid!

girl vaping cbd

Vaping CBD can seem daunting, scary or strange.  Once you learn a bit about it and jump it, you’ll find that it’s not.

So here’s a  REALLY quick rundown of the most general concerns about vaping CBD.

Vaping CBD is NOT smoking. Smoking burns a solid substance and makes smoke which is basically super fine ash.

Vaping takes a solution and atomizes (vaporizes) it into a super fine mist.

Vaping CBD is legal.  As long as it has less than .3% THC and comes from hemp. It’s legal.  Basically, if you can buy in on the internet, you can be confident it’s legal.

Vaping CBD is safe – As long as you are an informed consumer, inhaling CBD is has little or no risk or side effects. Check out our “Is Vaping CBD Safe?”  to see how to avoid bad products or practices that could be harmful.

Vaping CBD is not “expensive” – It may seem so at first, but because it’s such an efficient method, it’s probably the most cost-effective way to consume CBD.

CBD Vaping will not get you high. 

Vaping CBD is not addictive. 

Vaping device will not explode. Unless you build it yourself, the devices are regulated and will not short out or explode.


Man with hard hat vaping

All that being said, there are some precautions you should take.

All you have to follow three rules:

  1. Buy your devices and coils from well-known manufacturers – NO NO-NAME BRANDS.
  2. Buy your CBD vape from US producers – US grown and US extracted.
  3. Vape your CBD at low temperature, wattage or voltage. 

Easy, right?

Make sure you vape as safely as possible.  Remember you’re trying to improve your health, not damage it.

The vaping industry and the CBD industry are both in a kind of “wild west” phase.  There are thousands of companies jumping in and there isn’t much regulation.

Consequently, there are LOTS of products out there that are very sketchy – that have little or no information provided.  Listen,  you are breathing this stuff into your lungs. Make sure you do a little research and buy a product from a reputable supplier.

Check out the product online, visit the manufacturer’s website, send them an email. See if they have independent lab reports.

Of course, a good, reputable company is transparent and is more than happy to provide as much info as possible.

Join a FaceBook group or go on other forums.  Folks are more than happy to provide reviews and suggestions.

==>Here is my list of vetted CBD vape manufacturers<==

Remember – NEVER vape anything that is not specifically labeled for vaping

Most CBD products have trace amount <.3% of THC.  It should not show up on a drug test. However – you can buy CBD with no THC if you are really concerned.

OK, We’ve got that out of the way.  Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Pens, Mods, Cartridges, Oh, My!

vaping mods

If you go into a vape shop or look online, you will be dazzled by all the seemingly different ways to vape CBD.

Let’s simplify things.  With all the various devices and forms of CBD for vaping, there are basically just 2 variables involved in all the hundreds of different CBD vape product types out there:

  1. How diluted the CBD is
  2. What the CBD is diluted with

That’s it.

The concentration goes from  a solid piece of pure CBD  to a very weak 3% solution.

And there are various compounds that manufacturers use to dilute the CBD depending on the device that is going to be used.

It could be vegetable oil (MCT), vegetable glycerin (VG),  something called propylene glycol (PG) – or a combination of these.

And as far as the devices – Even though the variety look baffling, basically they all have a metal or ceramic coil that heats the CBD solution and turns it into a vapor or fine mist.

This is it, boiled down:

CBD in solution + Heated Coil = Vapor

Simple, right?

OK Let’s look at the many choices there are to enjoy the benefits of this simple formula.

Vaping Methods and Devices

Here is the guide to the different ways to vape CBD ranked from easiest to most advanced.


disposable cbd vape pen

A disposable vape pen is the very easiest method for vaping CBD. It’s  a little bit larger than a cigarette. It has no on/off switch. You activate it by puffing.

The only mistake you can make with this device is using it from the wrong end!

Here are the instructions : inhale.

It comes filled with a small amount of very highly concentrated CBD – usually diluted with MCT oil.

You can’t refill it or recharge it.  You have a finite number of puffs – usually around 200 – then you throw it away.

It makes just a tiny bit of faint vapor. That’s either a pro or con depending on your preference.

  • Small, light and discreet
  • Fool proof operation
  • Comes in pleasant flavors
  • Vapor is mild
  • Each puff is quite potent – up to 2mg of CBD
  • Expensive – probably the priciest way to vape CBD
  • Not eco-friendly

Conclusion – Not a bad investment to see if vaping CBD is right for you. And not a bad thing to keep in your purse or backpack in case of emergencies.  But you’ll probably want to move on to a method that won’t require a second job.

If you want to learn more about disposable CBD vape pens ==>click here<==


CBD vape cartridges

Disposable cartridges are extremely popular. A lot of folks land right here and never need to move on to different methods.

A disposable cartridge is a glass tube filled with concentrated CBD usially diluted with MCT vegetable oil.  It has a mouth piece on one end and a coil on the other end.  Remember CBD solution + Coil = Vapor?  Well the cartridges have it all plus a mouth piece. Pretty slick.  All we need now is a little power.

This method requires a “battery”.  In other words – a device that provides an electric charge to the coil to make vapor. They are small and usually shaped like a pen or a cigarette lighter.

These devices are rechargeable and reusable. They have a power button.  They fire at a low voltage – between 2 – 5 volts. Some have a voltage adjustment, others don’t. Basically they are simple devices that just send a few watts of DC power to the coil contained in the cartridge.

The cartridge screws into the battery and you have a little device ready to deliver CBD vapor.  Cartridges can be either disposable or refillable.

  • Small, light
  • Rechargeable
  • Potent puffs – up to 4 mg
  • Can easily switch cartridges
  • Easy to use
  • Strong flavor
  • Little or no vapor (again – you may not care)

Conclusion: Unless you are interested in different flavors or making voluminous vapor clouds, the disposable cartridge method is very practical, efficient way to vape CBD. It is the perfect solution for a lot of people.


cbd pod vaping systems
Top: Refillable (Smok Novo) Bottom: Disposable (JUUL)

Pod systems for CBD vape are similar in function to cartridges. However, they are square and flat, and they snap into the battery rather than screw in.

Some systems have a power button, but most are breath activated.

The batteries are rechargeable. The pods can be either disposable or refillable.  The refillable pods have a cotton coil that burns out and needs to be replaced after a while.

The infamous JUUL is a disposable pod system. Don’t be put off by the bad press – these are awesome little devices that can use CBD pods with no nicotine.

  • Light, small and discreet.
  • Come in nicer colors than cartridge batteries
  • Pods change in a flash
  • Potent puffs
  • The battery portion can be a little pricey
  • Not a large selection of disposable CBD pods available
  • Refillable pods are a little difficult to refill


Kind Pen Vape pen

This class of devices is kind of a hybrid. It’s a step between pods and the e-liquid devices (Mods) that are so popular among vaping enthusiasts.

Refillable pens have a power button and some have voltage adjustments

They’re rechargeable and have a small, refillable tank.  They take a concentrated CBD oil that is designed to be used with these devices.  It is more diluted than the liquid in the cartridges but not as much as vape juice.

They create more vapor than cartridges or disposable pens. There are more options for flavors and strengths.

  • Refillable
  • Rechargeable
  • Small
  • Less expensive
  • More eco-friendly
  • Produce more vapor
  • Coils will have to be replaced
  • Refilling is less convenient than disposable cartridges

E-Liquid Vape Tank Mods

Various vape mods

This class of device is by far the most popular vaping apparatus around. Technically these are called sub-ohm tank mods. Undoubtedly you’ve seen people puffing on these and making huge clouds of vapor.

We’ll just go over them briefly because you could easily fill a book with information about them.

These devices used a more diluted solution of CBD – using vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol.  Also there are natural and artificial flavor added.

The mods are rechargeable. Some have internal batteries. Some have replaceable batteries.

The are refillable. They have a separate glass tank for the e-liquid.  The tank contains a metal coil with a cotton wick. The cotton wicks become burnt over time and the coil has to be replaced.

Most mods have a digital readout and can be adjusted for temperature and voltage.

The biggest advantage of having a true vape mod is infinite variety. 

Firstly, moving up to a vape mod gives you almost unlimited options for vaping CBD. You can get dozens and dozens of flavors and strengths,  mix your own  you can buy flavorless CBD liquid and add it to any e-juice.

Secondly, it is the pure joy of making a vape cloud.  It’s really quite enjoyable. Not sure why.

  • Options – Almost unlimited choices of flavors and strengths
  • Refillable
  • Best Flavor
  • Rechargeable
  • Most enjoyable to use
  • Make huge clouds of vapor
  • Bulkier
  • Can be messy
  • Coils need replacement
  • Slight learning curve involved

Conclusion:  This type of vaping is more of a pleasure than the other methods. If you are strictly interested in the health benefits, there is no need to try straight-up vaping.

However, If you are interested, I would suggest a trip to your local vape shop. A knowledgeable salesperson can give you tons of useful information.

Vaping Dab wax – Vaporizer

CBD Dab Wax with Vaporizer

Above all, this is an advanced method, but it delivers the most potent, longest lasting effects that CBD vaping  has to offer. If you have serious pain or anxiety, you may want to consider this.

Atomizing or dabbing uses pure CBD concentrate. It comes in tiny slabs, or waxy “crumbles” or crystalline powder.

Also, it uses a special metal or ceramic coils called an atomizer.

A tiny amount of pure CBD is placed directly on the coil and melted.  A small amount of very powerful vapor is produced.

Some devices are designed specifically for atomizing solids. You can also buy an atomizer and put it on your vape mod instead of your tank.

Certainly, using solids is as intense as it gets. Because one or two puffs can last you for hours. Really, most people can find all the relief they need from other methods and devices. But if they are not cutting it for you, consider solid concentrates.

  • Extremely potent puffs
  • Long Lasting effects
  • Intense flavor (could be a con)
  • Messy
  • Vapor can be harsh
  • Inconvenient – Pretty much has to be done at home

Conclusion:  This is as intense as vaping CBD gets. If you are in serious need of relief, you can consider giving this a try.


high CBD flower on an herb grinder

If you are looking for the most authentic CBD vaping experience, you should try vaping high CBD hemp flower.  Read it here

It requires some special equipment, but no other way of vaping really allows you to appreciate the taste and aroma of unprocessed hemp flower.

It kind of feels illegal, but the buds contain less than .3% THC

You basically grind up the flower, load it into a dry herb vaporizer and puff.

It’s a bit of a process, but this is the real deal.

  • True, pure taste and aroma
  • Naturally full spectrum – has all the occurring cannabinoids and terpenes
  • No additives – It’s nothing but pure hemp.
  • Requires a special vaporizer and grinder
  • Not convenient at all. Must be done at home
  • Quality hemp flower is not cheap


So, I hope  this little guide has made vaping CBD a little clearer for you.  I’m sure you still might have a little hesitation.

You have to try a few things and see if they work for you. It’s as simple as that.

Nothing is more important than your health and well being. Vaping CBD has become a godsend for a lot of people.  Maybe it will be for you as well.

John Astrab


All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

All healthcare decisions are yours and yours alone.

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