Can You Vape Too Much CBD? Effects of Excessive CBD Vaping

Can You Vape Too Much CBD? Effects of Excessive CBD Vaping


Too Many Puffs of CBD? What are the Effects?

OK, you’ve got your CBD vape pen already to go.

You take a few puffs and start to feel relief. Then you take a few more puffs and feel even better.

Then before you know it, you are reaching for your CBD vape every 10 minutes.

And you think “Hey, can I vape too much CBD?  Am I going to overdose?”

Well, can you vape too much CBD?

Of course.

But relax – it’s not a big deal.

You Can’t Overdose on CBD

CBD Isolate powder

You can definitely take too much CBD, but you can’t overdose.

Some people shouldn’t vape CBD. But for everyone else, there is no danger of an OD.

CBD Won’t Shut Down You Brain

When you drink alcohol or take opioids, they go right to your brain stem and slow it down. That’s the part of your brain that regulates your breathing and heart rate. If you take too much, you pass out – or die.

CBD – no matter how much you take, does not effect your brain stem. There is absolutely no danger of respiratory depression from CBD – or THC for that matter.

That’s why there just aren’t any deaths directly related to too much cannabis.

“No recorded cases of overdose deaths from cannabis have been found in extensive literature reviews” – 

CBD is Not Toxic

Did you know acetaminophen causes more liver failure than anything else? 

It is highly toxic to your liver. So are a lot of other things.

Not CBD, though.

They just haven’t been able to find CBD levels high enough to be toxic. 

You probably would have to take 500,000 mg all at once to hurt yourself.

Vaping CBD gives you 1 mg -2 mg per puff. It would take 250,000 puffs in 15 minutes to kill you.

It is impossible to OD on CBD by vaping.

OK, vaping excessive amounts of  CBD won’t kill you. But can you do it too much?

The Consequences of Too Much CBD Vape

CBD vape cloud


The worst thing that happens when you take too much CBD is that you waste perfectly good CBD.

After your CB2 receptors are filled up, they close shop temporarily. All the excess CBD in your system gets metabolized and excreted. So you are just flushing expensive CBD hemp extract down the toilet.

Biphasic Effect

We are just starting to learn about how the body tolerates CBD. One issue is that CBD seems to have a biphasic (two phase) effect.  In other words, your body reacts a certain way to a normal dose, but reacts differently at higher doses.

Generally, at very high doses, you start to lose the benefits of CBD and the initial problems that you were trying to address may start to reappear.

So one consequence of vaping too much is that you might come full circle and your symptoms may start to come back.

This is very important to be aware of since you might conclude that CBD is not working – but it may just be the dosage.


CBD vaping is a wellness tool. It’s not like vaping nicotine products for recreation.

Vaping CBD safe. But it is not 100% risk free. There is no reason to vape CBD all day long – especially if you are at all concerned about any adverse effects of vaping.

Sleepiness or stimulation

Some people feel slightly sleepy or stimulated if they have taken more CBD then they need.

The effects are mild and can be compared to that of herbal teas or supplements.

Throat Irritation

Some CBD vape products are a bit hard on the back of the throat. Vaping too much can give you a slight cough or scratchy throat.

Man coughing while vaping cbd
Vaping… CBD… is… awsome
Neck Tingle

For myself and other people I’ve spoken to, a gentle tingle on the back of your neck let’s you know when you’ve had a sufficient amount of CBD.


Can You Vape Too Much CBD?

So these are the things to consider if you are concerned about vaping too much CBD.

  • You won’t overdose. CBD does not shut down your brain like opioids.
  • CBD is not toxic – it will not harm your liver
  • Taking too much CBD is wasteful. Your body discards excess CBD.
  • Your symptoms may resurface due to biphasic effect.
  • If you vape too much, you are breathing in more carrier liquids than necessary.
  • You may experience throat irritation
  • Some people get mildly stimulated
  • Others may have mild sleepiness
  • The back of your neck may tingle


Vaping CBD is a great method of getting it into your system. Because the effects are virtually immediate, you can easily find the right amount that helps.

Taking the correct amount is important only because – why take more than you have to?

Here are some tips to help you not vape excessive amounts of CBD

  • Keep some notes on the different strengths you use and how many puffs you take
  • Learn how to inhale CBD vapor properly
  • Vape CBD mindfully to find the right amount that helps
  • Buy a vape mod with a puff counter
  • Be aware of approximate CBD vaping dosage i.e.  how much CBD per puff
  • Don’t make vaping CBD a habit. In other words, don’t make CBD vaping  a substitute for chewing your finger nails.


young man vaping CBD

You can inhale too much CBD. But it is easily avoided and the consequences are not very serious at all.

With CBD you are taking control of your own wellness. Finding out the proper amount to take is part of your homework. Take some note and write down how you feel after different numbers of puffs and different products.

Find out exactly what works best for you.


John Astrab




Neither Hemp nor its byproducts are considered medicine. They are not intended to treat any specific ailment. We can make no claims as such.

All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

Your healthcare decisions are yours and yours alone.



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