Cheap CBD Vape Juice – Be Wary of CBD “Bargains”

Cheap CBD Vape Juice – Be Wary of CBD “Bargains”


Cheap CBD Vape Juice?

So you’re looking for cheap CBD vape juice? You tightwad!

OK, I get it. CBD seems kind of pricey. The high-end stuff can rival a monthly cable bill.

But this is your well being we are talking about. If you are just looking for cheap CBD vape juice, you are not going to get the relief you need. You might even set yourself back and get ripped off or worse.

But read on. I will guide you to getting the most bang for your buck while vaping excellent quality CBD.

I’ll even give you a recipe for making potent “cheap” CBD vape juice yourself.  That will save you a lot!

But some warning advice first.


Believe me, You might want to pay less, but you really don’t want cheap CBD vape juice.

If you are just looking for the lowest price out there, you might get ineffective, pesticide-ridden crap.

Beacause it’s basically the “wild west” phase of CBD right now. It’s a bit of a free-for-all.

The CBD industry is pretty much unregulated. The FDA seems only concerned about false CBD claims about curing specific diseases.

Additionally,  vape juice is not a food or a drug or supplement. There is nobody really governing over the quality or ingredients of it. The FDA is rightfully pissed off about teen nicotine addiction – but that’s about it.

Combine lack of regulation with a booming market and every shady jamoke and his brother are tumbling over themselves to sell “CBD”.

Consequently, there are a lot of dubious CBD vape juices out there.

SHAdy sketchy phony dangerous

You might get a knockoff. Some top brands are discovering counterfeit stock being sold online – and of a much lower quality.

Lots of products randomly tested had less CBD than stated on the label. You might even get something that doesn’t even have CBD in it at all.

Some randomly tested CBD vape juices have lead, pesticides and solvents far above acceptable levels.

Last year a fairly popular CBD vape product was found to have a potentially dangerous synthetic cannabinoid in it.

So you really, really, really want to find the best quality CBD vape from reputable producers.

Make sure they post independent lab reports by batch number. Right now this is the best way to make sure you are getting to genuine stuff – without harmful crap in it.

And please don’t just look at the price. The most cost-effective CBD vape is usually higher priced. I’ll explain later.

Getting Your CBD Money’s Worth

Before we here are three little tips that will help you get every last bit of effectiveness from your CBD vape juice.

Buy high concentration CBD vape

I know, I know – you can get sticker shock from some of this stuff. But if you buy  low-concentration, cheap CBD vape juice, you’re basically throwing you money away.

If a 30ml bottle has 100 mg, that means you would have to vape the whole bottle to get that amount in your system. I don’t know about you, but it would take me a week to finish off a 30 ml bottle. There is no possible way you will get anything except maybe a placebo effect by taking 100mg of CBD per week.

Same thing with vape cartridges – it takes a lot of vaping to consume 1 ml of vape oil. Getting even 250 mg of CBD in your system will take a week of puffing.

You might wind up disappointed and conclude that CBD doesn’t work.

Just Do the math

If you buy a bottle of vape juice will 100mg of CBD, you are paying a high premium. Let’s say it costs $40.  If you get 1000mg it’s 10 times as much CBD, but it’s not going to cost $400 – maybe $100.

So, you are getting 10 times as much CBD for 2.5 times more money. I think that’s a no-brainer.

If you buy 100mg for $40, That’s $400/gram!!!  You can buy isolate for $30/gram   

In my opinion, anything less than 1000mg per 30 ml e-juice bottle or  a 1ml vape pod or cartridge is just throwing money down the drain.

Dedicate a mod to high concentration CBD vape juice or get a 1000mg cartridge.  And don’t just vape it all  every day.  Vape when you need it.

vape mindfully

young man vaping CBD

Vaping CBD is a great way to self-regulate your wellness. But if puff away mindlessly, you’ll wind up wasting a lot of expensive cannabis extract.

One of the advantages of vaping CBD is that it gives you the best bang for your buck.  It gets in your system so efficiently and quickly that accurate dosing is quite easy.

You just have to vape deliberately – with a little bit of attention.

So the first thing to do is take your time and vape in a mindful way. This may sound all new-agey, but it is a process that will accelerate and enhance the relief that you receive from the CBD – thereby making your money go farther.

Find a little quiet spot and relax. Inhale mindfully, relax and wait a few minutes and see how you feel. Repeat if necessary.  This not only gets you in a meditative state, but it keeps you from vaping too much and wasting it.

buy full spectrum CBD Vape Juice

Most of the products out there have CBD isolate in them and nothing else. This is good, but CBD is much more effective when all the other phytochemicals are working with it.

This is the entourage effect. The other compounds – terpenes and cannabinoids – make the CBD better, stronger, faster and more effective.

So while a full-spectrum CBD vape juice will cost more, you need much less of it to get the relief you need – thereby making your money go farther.

Making Your Own CBD Vape Juice.

making cbd ejuice

OK, so those were my tips for getting every drop of benefit from your CBD vape juice. Basically, buy the best and strongest you can afford and vape it in an efficient way.

But maybe you’ve always been a hands-on person and you want to see if you can whip up some cheap CBD vape juice and save yourself money.

Well, it’s pretty easy – even if you’re a lousy cook. You’ll have to buy a few supplies, but they will pay for themselves after the first batch.

For Tank Mods

CBD e-juice Method 1 – Just Add Some CBD


30 ml Bottle of Zero Nicotine e-Liquid ($25)

E-Juice Bottle Kit    ($9)  ==>Buy Here<==

1000 mg of 99% Pure CBD Isolate  ($30)   ==>Buy Here<==

You can easily buy yummy vape juice that has zero nicotine from your local vape shop or online. Make sure it has no nicotine – nicotine degrades CBD

Buy a 30 ml bottle of a flavor you like, drain it into the empty squeeze bottle and add 1000mg of CBD isolate to it. Then and really shake it until the CBD is dissolved. It couldn’t be any easier and you’re going to save yourself at least $45.

CBD e-juice method 2 – PG/VG/CBD

This method requires you to stock up on PG and VG, but you will have enough for at least FIFTY 30ml bottles of vape juice. You’ll just have to buy a gram of CBD each time. A 30ml bottle of 1000mg CBD e-liquid with this method will cost around $32. That’s probably a $65 savings.  Is that cheap enough for you?


1 Quart Food Grade Propylene Glycol  (PG) $12  ==>Buy Here<==

1 Quart Vegetable Glycerin (VG) $12.50  ==>Buy Here<==

1000 mg CBD Isolate  ($30)  ==>Buy Here<==

E-juice Bottle Kit  ($9)  ==>Buy Here<==

Note – The Propylene Glycol is optional. You can use 100% VG if you prefer.

Combine 18ml of VG and 9ml of PG in a squeeze bottle. Add the CBD isolate and a few drops of flavoring. Shake until CBD is dissolved.

The flavoring is optional because PG and VG both have a sweetness to them already.


Buy good stuff, use it wisely or make your own.  That will save you tons!

Vape on!


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