Does Vaping CBD Make You Cough?

Does Vaping CBD Make You Cough?

Avoiding the CBD Vaping Cough

Vaping CBD is an incredible wellness tool. It can be very soothing. It can calm you down and put you in a relaxed state.

On the other hand, it can send you into violent coughing jag.

It has so many advantage, but if vaping CBD makes you cough, if it sends you into hacking convulsions, you’re just not going to do it.

However, the problem is that your lungs and the lining of your throat are very sensitive.  And the organic compounds in cannabis are quite strong.

It’s the Terpenes

Keep in mind, it’s not the CBD. It has powerful effects on your body and mind, but it’s rather innocuous.  You can vape pure CBD isolate and it’s pretty mild.

Ultimately, the real culprits are the terpenes.

They have tons of benefits, but they are really strong chemical compounds. And when heated up, they can be very acrid.

So the more highly concentrated the terpenes are, the harsher the vape.

Carrier Liquids

Additionally, the other factor is the carrier liquids that the CBD is dissolved into. 

MCT coconut oil is very mild and nobody seems to have a problem tolerating it.

Some people are somewhat allergic to vegetable glycerin (VG). That could cause some coughing.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is definitely strong when vaped. Vapers actually like the punch it has. It’s call “throat hit”.

Mild to Harsh CBD Vape Products

CBD vaping products that make you cough

Obviously, there are many ways to vape CBD. Certain ones will definitely make you cough more than other. Here’s a list from mild to harsh.

  • CBD isolate MCT vape oil
  • Isolate MCT oil with some terpenes for flavor
  • CBD vape juice with 100% VG
  • CBD vape juice with PG and VG
  • Vaping High-CBD hemp flower
  • CBD Isolate
  • Terpsolate (MCT oil with high amounts of terpenes)
  • Hemp Extract Distillate
  • High terpene slabs

What can you do?

Somewhat frustratingly, it’s kind of a shame because some of the best – like pure hemp distillate – CBD vaping products make you cough the most. So what can you do so that CBD vaping doesn’t make you cough?

  • Learning how to inhale CBD properly goes a long way to lessen your chances of hacking.
  • Vape at low power settings
  • Keep a glass of cold water on hand when you vape.
  • Suck a cough drop before vaping.
  • You can tough it out. You will become less likely to cough if you stick with it. I used to cough a lot when I started vaping e-juice with PG/VG.  It doesn’t bother me at all now.
  • Stick with the milder MCT products.


I hope this will help you avoid the vaping CBD cough.

Finally, If you’re trying CBD vaping for the first time, buy a disposable pen or pod system. These are MCT-oil-based and shouldn’t be a problem.

If you find that you are getting some relief by vaping CBD, you can always learn more and work your way up to stronger methods and products.

Most of all, don’t give up on the first cough. You’ll be glad you stuck with it.


Breath in the goodness of CBD

John Astrab


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