FDA Approves HNB (Heat Not Burn) Vaping Device From Philip Morris

FDA Approves HNB (Heat Not Burn) Vaping Device From Philip Morris

More Reasonable Approach to Vaping from the FDA?

“The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that it would permit the sale of IQOS, a “heat not burn” tobacco device made by Philip Morris International, in the United States. While the agency stopped short of declaring that the device was safer than traditional cigarettes, the F.D.A. did say the heated tobacco-stick system could help people to quit smoking.”

Original source Kaiser Health News:  khn.org

That last sentence bears repeating for sure. 

Could The FDA Change Their View on Vaping?

In a somewhat surprising development, the FDA has conditionally approved US sales for a device from Phillip Morris called the IQOS. It heats tobacco rather than burning it.

Why is this possibly good news for vaping CBD?


FDA logoWell, the FDA’s war on vaping has been heavy handed and counter productive from a public health stand point.

I understand that they are fighting a huge nicotine epidemic among the under age population.

This is a serious problem and has to be fixed, but the FDA, up to this point, seems to have ignored the huge health benefit vaping can offer as a much safer alternative to smoking.  

They also lump CBD vaping into the same category as potent nicotine delivery devices such as JUUL.

This is another short sighted view because vaping CBD might help people wean off of nicotine. 

More Measured Approach?

The IQOS by Phillip Morris heats tobacco without combustion. This produces a vapor that was shown to have far less toxins than cigarette smoke. It’s basically a dry herb vaporizer.

This device is similar to vaporizers that cannabis and hemp users (who vape high CBD hemp flower) have enjoyed for several years  – albeit much smaller and higher tech.

IQOS’s approval may just be because of the massive resources Phillip Morris brings to bear. But it might indicate a more significant change.

Hopefully the exit of FDA chief and vaping opponent, Scott Gottlieb, will bring about a more rational atmosphere concerning vaping and CBD vaping.

Perhaps others within the agency realize that there can be way to both curb teen nicotine addiction and also allow the use of vaping to responsible adults who are trying to quit smoking or enjoy the relief that vaping CBD may offer for so many problems – such as anxiety. 


I think we can come up with a more creative solution than an all out assault on vaping.  I am optimistic that the approval of the IQOS signals a more thoughtful outlook on issue of vaping nicotine and CBD.


John Astrab


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