Grateful for CBD Vaping – Gratitude for Vaporous Relief

Grateful for CBD Vaping – Gratitude for Vaporous Relief

Grateful for CBD vaping

Why I am grateful for CBD vaping

This is an open thank you note to all entities that have (directly or indirectly) made CBD vaping a wonderful reality.

It starts off with my personal story about vaping CBD. As brief as the introduction is – I still didn’t want to write it. It conjured up the old bad feelings.

But I felt obliged to express my appreciation for CBD in general and vaping CBD in particular.  So here goes.

Darkness Before CBD Vaping

sad man

A year ago I was a mess – really going back at least five years.

I had anxiety.  Quite often I had a general feeling of impending doom for no particular reason. It would just be hanging in the background. Sometimes it would escalate in to an anxiety attack – a feeling like I had no control over my mind or body.

I was depressed. Hopelessness was a recurring feeling.

I didn’t exactly have insomnia, but I considered 6 hours of sleep a major accomplishment. I would wake up at 2:00AM and stay up until 4:00 or so – every single night – wracked with worry.

Booze, Xanax, Ambien, and every supplement you could think of – would all work for a short while – then they didn’t.

I mean, life was OK. But it was tinged with sadness.   And I felt crappy all the time.

CBD for the First Time

Then I tried CBD. It was a 100mg sublingual tincture. It put some under my tongue.


Nothing happened. Tried some more. Still nothing.  I was not grateful for CBD at this point.

I declared CBD to be a sham and went back to the “lab” to try to find the right combination of alcohol, prescription meds, over-the-counter stuff and supplements that would help me feel better.

Vaping CBD in Vegas

Several lousy months went by before the chorus of CBD fans was so loud that I decided to try again. In Vegas I bought a Revive disposable CBD vape pen. It was supposed to be grapefruit flavor but it tasted like old plastic. However, I paid like $50 for the stupid thing and I was going to suck it dry to get my money’s worth.

disposable cbd vape pen


And what do you know? I started feeling better.  Of course I was in Las Vegas – so it wasn’t much of a test. But I took it home to New Jersey and still felt better – now that’s impressive.

It took the edge off of my anxiety. My mind wasn’t stuck on the hamster wheel of worry anymore. When I woke up a 2:00 AM, instead a of shot of vodka, I would have a few puffs and go back to bed. Strangest thing – I almost couldn’t worry if I wanted to. My thoughts just wouldn’t go back there.

It was like my worries were in a fish tank. I could see them but I wasn’t in the tank anymore swimming around with them. Weird, right?

Consequently, I started sleeping better and feeling great.  I really hadn’t remembered what it was like to feel good.

It wasn’t immediate, it was like a slow-developing miracle.

Every day – better and better.

I was now so grateful for CBD vaping.


Like someone saved, I have become an apostle, an evangelist, and maybe a prophet for CBD Vaping. I feel like setting up on the corner and yelling like a lunatic at people about the good news. I guess I’ll blog instead.  🙂

But really, vaping CBD is more than just a supplement. It is hope. It’s a movement – a true, earth-shattering, sea-change tsunami quake. A different, healthy way to self-regulate that is infinitely customizable to each person.

There is a crack in the wall of Big Pharma. And there is light shining through – CBD.

Like I said – Hope.


Gratitude for CBD

I’m not going to go over the benefits of vaping CBD again here. I just want to shout out my gratitude. Let’s begin.

mother nature
cannabis trichomes
Gooey Funk!

Thanks, Mother Nature, You have created a weed of the highest order. It’s the plant version of man’s best friend. It is literally dripping with chemicals  – cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids  – that line up with human biology in such a way that can correct us physically.

We have a system (endocannabinoid) in our body for that is set up to receive the chemicals in this plant.   That is so crazy that it freaks me out a little.

Plus it’s super robust and resilient – not just biologically, but culturally. It has withstood a 70-year war against it. Let’s fly that victory flag!


hemp flag with blue sky
Hippies and hemp crusaders

Thanks to all you wonderful peace-loving, hacky-sack-playing, dread-lock wearing, bath-needing creatures. You did it. You fucking did it.

I used to giggle at Woody Harrelson  and their silly hemp advocacy. Just thought it was an roundabout way of trying to get pot legal. I thought all the talk about hemp was a smoke screen (ha ha) – that they were being disingenuous.

But they were serious. Hemp is an incredible plant in so many ways. And the hemp crusaders chipped away and made it a common ingredient and material that consumers saw again and again – making it commodity.

It took decades, but it worked.

Thanks, hippies, for your tireless dedication to hemp. You won. Now do a spazzy dance.

jack Herer

jack Herer hemp activist

Jack Herer, otherwise known as the Emperor of Hemp, was perhaps the most, vociferous and dedicated advocate of the legalization of hemp.

He basically set up all the talking points about hemp when he wrote his classic book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. He spelled out the incredible utility of the hemp plant and made credible arguments of government conspiracies that kept the populace in the dark.

It’s all out in the open now. It’s legal. Wish you could have seen it.

Thanks, Jack.

 Professor Raphael Mechoulam

Cannabis research pioneer raphael mechoulam

Israeli organic chemist, Raphael Mechoulam, was the first to start scientific research on what the hemp crusaders knew from experience.

Because Israel did not have a prohibition on cannabis research, Hebew University became the first and foremost cannabis research institute in the world.

In the mid 60’s , Raphael Mechoulam began isolating and studying the chemical compounds found in cannabis.

He basically discovered THC, CBD and endocannabinoids.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this man for his decades of tireless dedication to unlocking the wonders of this plant.

It’s impossible to imagine where we would be without his work.

Toda raba, Professor Mechoulam!


Mitch Mcconnell and the 2018 farm bill
Mitch McConnell
Author of the 2018 Farm Bill – Mitch McConnell

It’s official. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is a legitimate cash crop. It is a legal agricultural commodity in all 50 states and Indian territories. As long as it contains less than .3% THC,  It can be transported across state lines without restriction.

Thanks, Mitch McConnell (R. Kentucky), for understanding the commercial value of  hemp (and CBD), for giving the struggling tobacco farmers in your state a viable plant to grow that helps people – not kills them, and for setting the stage for for an agricultural revolution.

Now the hemp crusaders kind of love you. Weird.

Big pharma

prozac pills

Thanks, Big pharma, for being greedy and rapacious. For shoving pills down our throats and trying to make us a zombie nation. And because of all the lives you’ve ruined with your opioids, everyone hates you.  Nobody trusts you.

And people that have been searching for an alternative now have one – CBD.

It going to be a sea change for health in this country – a whole new ball game. And it will take a huge bite out of your profits.

Maybe if you weren’t such a greedy asshole, things would be different. So thanks.

The great state of colorado

Colorado landscap

Thank you, Colorado, for having the guts to do the ethical thing and legalize cannabis in all its forms. It was the death knell for the war on weed – which was nothing short of a human tragedy. God bless you.

Thanks also for producing the best CDB products in the world. From the farmers to the producers – you guys are making the real stuff.

Vaping technology

vaping mods

Thanks, vaping industry. I am so grateful for vaping CBD.

The vaping industry has directly and indirectly made vaping CBD hemp a reality.


By unethically marketing to teens, vaping has sent the tobacco industry into a death spiral. This in turn made tobacco states desperate  for a new cash crop.

Which in turn put some powerful congressmen squarely behind the hemp movement.

Finally, the series of events produced the 2018 farm bill.

Now we have to go back and solve the teen nicotine addiction. It is becoming a serious epidemic. And it will comes back around to bite the vaping industry if not fixed.


OK, you’re far from perfect, but let’s look past your sins for now.

The vape market has spurred awesome advances in vaping technology. Today vaping devices are inexpensive, safe, convenient and discreet.

This has given smokers a much safer alternative to cigarettes.

It has also given the world an amazing delivery system for taking CBD.

Vaping CBD can give people virtually immediate comfort from anxiety and migraines. With a device about the size of a pen or cigarette lighter, a person can carry around a instant relief right in their pocket.

Thanks, vaping industry, I am personally grateful for vaping CBD.



So you see that we shouldn’t take the fact that we can vape CBD for granted. A lot of people worked really hard for a long time to make it a reality.

It’s something that just wasn’t possible just 10 years ago.

So when you puff on your device and inhale the goodness of CBD, do it with some appreciation and gratitude. We are all very lucky to have this wonderful option for our health. 

Vape on.


John Astrab


My story about vaping CBD represents my personal experience and is not intended to imply that others will have the same results. Everyone is different.


Neither Hemp nor its byproducts are considered medicine. They are not intended to treat any specific ailment. We can make no claims as such.

All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

All healthcare decisions are yours and yours alone.

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