How Much CBD Do You Get Per Puff of CBD Vape?

How Much CBD Do You Get Per Puff of CBD Vape?

How Much CBD Per Puff?

Your Guide to CBD Vape Dosage

Note: This is a fairly long post. Feel free to jump ahead to other sections.


OK we know that vaping is the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream.

And the bioavailability  – the amount that actually gets absorbed – is among the highest methods.

But, how much CBD do you get with each puff of CBD vape?

That is a really, really hard question to answer.

How’s this? – Somewhere between .3 mg and 5 mg of CBD per puff.

Wait! Don’t hit the back button.

I know that’s a huge range, but if you stick with me, I can get you a fairly accurate amount per puff.

But, it’s difficult to determine because there are so many variables involved.

Factors That Determine CBD Inhalation

These are the factors that determine how much CBD you get with each puff of CBD vape:

  • Potency – Naturally the more concentrated the vape juice or oil, the more per puff
  • Lung capacity – For example – men have a 30% higher lung capacity than woman on average.
  • Duration of inhalation – The longer, the more CBD you get
  • Technique – Some folks are not that proficient at vaping
  • Type of  carrier liquid – MCT oil and PG/VG vape very differently
  • The coils you’re using – Certain coils produce more vapor than others
  • The Settings on your device – The wattage and/or voltage

As you can see, having seven variables makes it an exponentially hard thing to figure out.

That’s why the FDA approval of metered vape mods for medical cannabis is such big news. They can tell the user the exact amount of THC they are inhaling. But they are new and expensive and not yet available for people vaping CBD.

So how can handle we measuring the amount of CBD per puff?

You Could Just Not Worry About It – Titration

young man vaping CBD

You can just forget about amounts and dosages if you want, because CBD vaping is a bit hard to dose but easy to titrate.

Let me explain.

Titration is finding the exact amount of a substance that helps you.

For example, if you have pain or anxiety you puff until you get relief.  Since the effects of vaping CBD are almost immediate, you inhale and wait. See how you feel. Then puff more if necessary.

Because there is little danger of vaping too much CBD, this  method of dosing is quite acceptable. Also, as your pain level varies, the amount of CBD you need varies as well.

So titration is easy and involves some reflective self-evaluation which can help augment the effectiveness of your CBD vape.

But it would be helpful in a lot of ways if you knew approximately how much CBD you were consuming per puff. If you want to switch over to another method for a while, or if you are comparing brands or types of CBD vape, you should know the amounts.

How to Make Consistent Puffs

The first thing that you have to do if make inhalations that are consistent in duration and force.

I like vaping. And when I’m sitting around enjoying making clouds, I definitely take small puffs, big puffs. Ever once in a while I’ll make the biggest cloud I can. This is very relaxing but the amount I vape per puff is all over the chart.

We have to be a bit more scientific if we are to measure cbd/puff.

So the first thing you have to do is find your standard puff.  You want to breath in the same amount every time.

And there are a bunch of variables in finding your consistent drag:

  • Duration – how long the puff is
  • Force – The strength of the pull
  • System – Cartridge, Pod, Sub Ohm Tank
  • Type of vape juice – MCT, PG/VG, Pure Distillate
  • Vape mod/battery settings – Wattage/Voltage
  • Type of Coil – standard vs mesh

OK Sounds like a lot. But relax, it’s easy.  Just pick your favorite set up and keep everything the same. Let’s start with CBD vape cartridges.

Finding CBD/Puff with CBD Vape Cartridges and Disposable Pens

Disposable CBD vape pen

There are a lot of advantages with CBD vape cartridges and pens. They’re small, concentrated, simple to use.  And since they are so easy, finding your dose it too.

Some batteries have a voltage setting. If so, always keep in on 3 volts.

Also, the standard puff for a vape cartridge is three seconds. Manufacturers assume a 3-second pull when giving info on how much CBD you get.

So practice counting while you vape – one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three.  And do it with what you might consider medium force.

If you do that consistently, you can get a fairly accurate idea of how much CBD per drag. Because really not the only other factor is potency.

Potency or Concentration of CBD

For vaping CBD, I always recommend buying the highest concentration available. It is a better values plus you do not need to vape as much in order to get the CBD in your system. Also you get much faster relief.

So as long as you are vaping in a consistent fashion, here is a little chart of how much CBD you get per puff with a vape pen:  Most have 1 ml of liquid, so that’s what we are using as a measurement.

CBD per Puff from a 1 ml  Vape Cartridge 


              CBD                    Amount per Puff                        AVERAGE

  • 200 mg  –     .5 mg  –   1 mg     average         .75 mg CBD per puff
  • 500 mg  –     1 mg   –    2 mg     average        1.5 mg CBD per puff
  • 1000 mg –    2 mg   –   4 mg     average        3 mg CBD per puff

I know that’s still a wide range, but most people will be around the average.  If you are much larger or smaller that the average person, you can assume you will be closer to the relative ends of the range.

But the average amounts listed are a pretty good estimation. See how much better the 1000 mg is?  Three good drags and you’ve got 10 mg of CBD in your bloodstream as compared to 13 pulls on a 200 mg pen. It never pays to buy the least expensive CBD vape.

Measuring CBD per Puff  for PG/VG CBD Vape Juice

If you prefer making clouds while taking CBD, you know it’s a lot different from vaping a pen. The CBD is much less concentrated and you use a lot more liquid per drag.

Figuring out how much CBD get get per puff with PG/VG is a little more involved, but you should be able to get a fairly accurate, personalized measurement.

However, you’re going to have to count your puffs or buy a sub-ohm vape mod with a puff counter – which I highly recommend.

You’re also going to need a graduated eye dropper to measure out your e-juice.

And remember to make consistent pulls. I decent one should be a full second. “One thousand one”

How Much CBD per Puff of PG/VG Vape Juice

sub ohm vape mod filled with hemp extract

  • Figure out how much CBD your juice has per ml (divide total CBD by total ml per bottle)
  • Start with a fresh coil.
  • Make sure you prime it thoroughly – until the point that it’s not absorbing any more juice.
  • Add 1 ml of PG/VG CBD vape.
  • Count your puffs until the bottom of the tank is dry. Remember to keep your draws consistent and be careful not burn your coil.
  • Divide how much CBD by how many puff you took.

Example:  Most CBD vape juice comes in 30 ml bottles.  So let’s say ours does and has 500 mg of CBD in the whole bottle.  500 mg/30ml =  16.7 mg/ml.  So if you carefully fill your tank with 1 ml of e-juice, you’ve got 16.7 grams of CBD in there.

Now, if you take consistent puffs and count them, you will get a really close estimation of how much CBD you get per pull.

I did this myself and it took me 50 puffs to consume 1 ml of CBD vape juice.  So if the whole bottle has 500 mg, I’m only getting .34 milligrams per puff. That’s not a lot.

Average CBD/puff for a 1000 mg/30ml vape juice is about  .5 milligrams

That’s why vaping PG/VG hemp extract is not very effective if you need immediate relief. I recommend it for people want a low, steady amount of CBD or folks trying to cut back on nicotine.

Amount per puff for CBD Isolates and Dab Waxes

cbd dab wax and vaporizer

On the other hand, if you are looking for the highest amount per puff, you should be vaping hemp concentrates like dab waxes, crumbles and shatters.

The only way to measure CBD/puff with these products is by having a highly accurate kitchen scale, measure out a 50 mg or so and start counting drags.

Here is a handy reference for you to determine approximate amounts of CBD/puff.

CBD per Puff Reference Chart

Chart of how much CBD per puff

==>How much CBD per Puff PDF<==

I know this was not a simple post to follow, but by now you should have a decent idea of the amount of CBD involves per inhalation. And you can better determine which vaping method works best for you.

Remember, buy the highest concentration of CBD vape juice you can. Take consistent puffs and you can control your dosage pretty closely.  Do some experiments and take notes. We are in the midst of the CBD revolution. We are getting well by figuring stuff out for ourselves.


Neither Hemp nor its byproducts are medicine. They not intended to treat any specific ailment. We make no claims as such.

All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

Ultimately, all healthcare decisions are yours and yours alone.

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