I Got High from Legal CBD – Like Really F*cked Up

I Got High from Legal CBD – Like Really F*cked Up

I Got Stoned from <.3%  THC Hemp Extract

Stoned Trying to Eat a Scone

OK, here’s my story. You can believe me or not, but this really happened.

Early this year, I got completely wasted on a perfectly legal (US) hemp extract.

It was a Sunday morning and the first thing I usually do when I wake up is take some CBD tincture.

I opened a fresh 30 ml bottle of CBD/hemp extract. I put one full dropper under my tongue – trying to keep it there as long as I could without swallowing while I got dressed.

My wife and I then walked around the corner to our local coffee house for breakfast.

Baked While Eating Baked Goods

Everything was fine. But after a while, I couldn’t eat my muffin because my mouth went dry and I had this feeling like if I ate it, it would get caught in my throat.

I became excessively thirsty. I was light-headed and woozy.

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, so I started evaluating my symptoms and was worrying that I was having some sort of attack. Then I became extremely panicky.

I told my wife we had to leave because something was dreadfully wrong.

Just walking on the sidewalk was difficult. I had to hold onto my wife. Was it a stroke, hypertension, an aneurysm?

Then it hit me.

I was high.


Guy high on weed smiling

Stoned. Baked. F*cked up.

Actually, it was a great relief once I figured it out. At least now I was sure that I didn’t have to call for an ambulance (that would have been really embarrassing) .

I got home, sat in my recliner and watched TV for a couple of hours as it wore off.

But what the hell happened?

Wasted Morning

First off, I am 100% certain that I was high on THC.  No question in my mind.

THC has never been my friend. I don’t tolerate it well. Almost all my attempts at consuming it have been unpleasant – some have been downright disastrous.

I relived all my normal reactions to THC – anxiety, paranoia, extreme thirst, alternating grogginess and alertness, trouble breathing (perceived) and swallowing.

So, once I was sure I wasn’t dying, most of the anxiety went away.

In the end, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It just wasted my whole morning.  If I had been driving, it could have been very serious.

What the hell was in that bottle?

The Product

bottle of hemp extract vape juice with a question mark

This particular product was a full-spectrum hemp extract, VG-based vape juice/tincture.  It was a 3o ml bottle with 1500 mg of CBD. The label clearly stated that it contained THC.

No kidding.

The brand is not very well-known, but I know for a fact that it comes from the same private-label facility as another popular brand.  Same stuff, different label.

The next day I called the company and was surprised by the flippant attitude of the person I spoke with.

He said something like: “If that were the case, our sales would be through the roof”.

I guess he figured I was either lying or crazy.

Lab Reports

He sent me the lab reports, which were fairly recent. But they were obviously from the processing plant. So the material was tested before it was bottled.  There was no additional testing of the finished product.

There was nothing tying the lab tests to the bottle that I had in my hand.

The best CBD vape products have QR codes right on the label – or at least batch numbers that are referenced on the COA’s (certificates of analysis). 

THC Content

Letter THC on psychedelic background

Anyway, let’s assume the COA was accurate.

The lab reports said .26% THC.   That comes out to about 75 mg of THC/30 ml bottle.  That’s a lot.  Once in Denver I  ate two THC chocolates that had 10 mg in each. I then proceeded to have one of the worst nights of my life – that’s another story.

This particular hemp extract is truly full spectrum and it tends to separate. It clearly says shake well before using.  I didn’t.

My theory is that I somehow got a disproportionate amount of THC in the dropper. It should be about 2.5 mg per 1 ml serving.  Maybe I got 10 or 15 because I didn’t shake first.

I should have had the bottle tested – but I’m lazy and cheap.  But what I did do was shake the bottle thoroughly and try it again. (I have one of those hobby paint shaker things).

It was fine. I did not get high in the least.


Everybody thinks <.3% THC by weight is not a lot. But a 30 ml bottle can contain up to 80 mg of THC.  That’s enough to get even a veteran pothead pretty messed up.

So can you get high from downing a full bottle of perfectly legal CBD tincture?


But before you try that –  keep in mind that you will be consuming about a 20 times as much CBD as THC. This will most likely balance out the effect you might be trying to get.

Plus – whether it’s MCT or VG – you’re going to wind up with a violent case of diarrhea.

And – It’s going to cost you about $100 US.   It would be pretty dumb.   SO DON’T TRY IT

Bottom line: If your CBD/hemp extract says “Shake well”,  then shake it.

Otherwise you might take a trip you weren’t planning on.


John Astrab



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