Looking for Delicious CBD Vape? Grow up!

Looking for Delicious CBD Vape? Grow up!

Do You Need Your CBD Vape Sugar-Coated?

This is a CBD vape rant.

If the most important thing you look for in a CBD vape juice is delicious flavor…


Seriously, vaping CBD is amazing. It is helping people find non-prescription relief.

You shouldn’t make your buying decision based on whether the product is yummy or not.

We are just beginning to discover the incredible benefits of CBD and hemp extract.  But apparently we are a bunch of babies who have to be coaxed with candy flavors so we take our medicine.


Another Way Baby Boomers Ruined the World

When I was a kid, Flintstones vitamins came out. Turning kid supplements into a Sweet-Tart type candy was a huge smash – even if they did have a metallic aftertaste.

Kids’ cereal used to be healthy too. Then eventually we wound up with Cap’n Crunch with crunchberries. I’m not denying the deliciousness, just the nutritional value.

Speaking of “nutrition” they then fortified cereals with vitamins too. So now you’ve got crunchy, sugary vitamins kids eat with milk.

The advent of TV commercials plus the Baby Boom generation has turned us into perpetual juveniles.

Proof?  Chewable vitamins for adults are very popular.  I mean, c’mon.

CBD Gummies and Sour Watermelon Kush E-juice

CBD gummies

CBD has exploded onto the wellness scene. People swear by it for help with migraines, anxiety, pain, inflammation and on and on. So what’s one of the most popular ways of taking CBD?

CBD gummies.

And we’ve all read about silly things like CBD cupcakes and ice cream.

Never mind that you are getting unneeded extra sugar in your diet, or that it’s the most inefficient way of getting CBD into your system (only about 10-15% actually gets absorbed). But they’re so juicy ya.  Oh, brother.

It’s the same with CBD/hemp extract vape.

As opposed to gummies, vaping is the fastest, most efficient way of taking CBD.

But, you don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say “I don’t like the taste” when talking about a top quality, full-spectrum hemp extract vape product. And some of these folks were complaining about pretty bad pain.

They would prefer vaping a CBD-isolate-infused, mint-raspberry-slushie  flavor than the real, authentic thing that has all the cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Because the real stuff tastes “hempy”.   Blank face emoji.

Look, I get it. I vape recreationally . It’s not for the nicotine (at least that’s what I tell myself) it’s because vaping it’s utterly delicious. But I think if I really needed help with serious pain or anxiety I would vape a turd if it worked.


OK, I’ll Allow That

girl breathing out CBD vape

I’m going to make some allowances.  There is some evidence that CBD could help people wean off of nicotine. I always recommend that folks cut their regular e-juice with CBD vape until they get down to lower levels or zero. Do whatever works to get the nic-monkey off your back.

Also, if you don’t have any particular health or emotional problems, and just want to take CBD as a protective measure, go ahead and vape Fruity-Pebbles CBD vape juice. Have fun.

To all others – grow the F up.

Hemp Vape Marketing Should be Different

hemp field

I also understand about marketing.  The CBD vape space is crowded right now and flavors are very appealing. But I guess I’m naive, plus I have a different perspective.

I feel that hemp is special. We should have some more gratitude and appreciation for CBD vaping. 

Here’s this amazing plant that people have fought for, that could get us off a lot of prescription meds, that could change how we approach wellness forever.  But most CBD vape products try to remove CBD as far away from hemp as possible.

I get it. But it’s just wrong somehow.

The End of CBD Vape Juice?

Skull vaping CBD

In a year or two, this annoying rant may be irrelevant.

Most of the CBD vape products that I’ve been complaining about are not necessarily bad. They’re just usually not that great. They are carrier liquids, CBD isolate and flavoring.

The issue is CBD isolate.

By approving Epidiolex The FDA have already determined that CBD isolate is a pharmaceutical drug.  What they do next is the burning question.  It’s entirely possible that the FDA either make CBD a prescription drug or drastically limits the amounts that manufacturers can add to a product.

So if we’re lucky, we’ll have e-juice with 50 or 100 mg of CBD for the whole bottle. That’s not going to help anyone.

Whole-plant hemp extract is a different story. It’s difficult to see how the FDA could justify making this a prescription substance.

So you better get used to “hempy” vape. It might be your only choice. And I think that’s not the worst thing in the world.


John Astrab



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