The 3 Best Pod Systems for Vaping CBD

The 3 Best Pod Systems for Vaping CBD

Pod Systems: The Slickest Way to Vape CBD

Pod systems are the sleekest, most convenient and discreet ways to vape CBD. Hands down.

They are more versatile and powerful than vape pens and way more compact and easy than tank mods.

Additionally, they force you to change coils occaisionally – which is a good thing. People who use refillable cartridges with ceramic coils tend to use them over and over which is not good for your health.

Also, refillable pods allow you a lot of choices of CBD vape juice and oils.

So to recap…

Pod systems for vaping CBD offer these advantages over refillable cartridges system and sub-ohm tank mods:

  • Convenience – Super simple to use. Pods easily snap in rather than screw in.
  • Discreteness – They are tiny and easily slip in your pocket
  • Power – More power than a vape pen
  • Capacity – Holds 2 to 3 times as much as a cartridge
  • Choices – Can be filled with a variety of CBD vape liquids

Top Pod Systems for Vaping CBD

Disposable Pods


JUUL pen with a CBD pod

OK – Don’t get excited. In spite of all the bad press about teen vaping – the JUUL device is a sleek piece of technology.

And remember – we’re talking about using CBD pods with the JUUL, not nicotine.

Its design is beautiful. If it didn’t have all the bad connotations, it could be in the Museum of Modern Art.

It’s tiny and light, has good battery life and it’s breath activated. You don’t even have to press a button.

It fires quite nicely and makes very little vapor. It’s perfect for somebody starting to vape CBD.

The downsides are that it’s pricier than vape pens and there aren’t a lot of choices for replacement pods.

However, our choice for CBD JUUL-type pods is Naturally Peaked. Good concentration and quality. Check out the combo JUUL + CBD pods ==>here<==

Refillable CBD Pod Systems

Smok Novo

two smok novo mods

One of the most versatile refillable pod systems for vaping CBD is the Smok Novo.

This mod is small and sleek and comes in 8 different colors.

It’s inexpensive, easy to use – breath activated – and can be filled with PG/VG vape juices and also MCT oil-based CBD e-liquids.

The Novo has a long battery life, holds 2 ml of CBD e-juice and fires at about 18 watts – perfect for vaping CBD.

Check out the Novo’s specs ==>Here<==

Smok Nord

smok nord vaping mod

If you want a step up in power and size from the Novo, consider the Smok Nord.

It’s basically the Novo’s big brother.

It’s still sleek and compact but it’s got a fire button and has a 3 ml tank! Try finding another pod system that hold 3 ml of CBD vape juice.

If you combine this mod with Smok’s optional mesh coil, you’ll be amazed at the flavor and clouds that come out of this little guy.

It’s my go-to pod system for CBD vape. It’s right by my wallet and keys. Slip it in my pocket and off I go.

Check out the Nord ==>Here<==


Pod systems for vaping CBD are easier, more convenient and more versatile than vape pens or tank mods.

I hope you check out my three favorites above and ramp up your enjoyment of CBD vape juice.

Breath in the goodness of CBD!

John Astrab

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