Thoughtcloud CBD Vape Oil Review – Thoughtcl0ud

Thoughtcloud CBD Vape Oil Review – Thoughtcl0ud

Thoughtcloud CBD Vape Oil Review – Thoughtcl0ud

label from Thoughtcloud CBD MCT vape oil

The Company

Thoughtcloud – actually Thoughtcl0ud (with a zero. Marketing, you know) is a CBD/hemp product manufacturer with headquarters in the UK and physical warehouse and offices in Portland.

They have a phone number on the site for customer support. When I called it went  to voicemail, However, Dani from support returned within 5 minutes. She was extremely helpful.

Thoughcl0ud  the brain child of Leo Pena, who seems to be a social media influencer whose subject is holistic and eastern and plant-based medicine.

I like the fact that there is a real person behind the brand, but I couldn’t find out too much about him. He had a short-lived podcast. He also has a private Instagram account.

The company is committed to environmentally friendly processing and also have a Thoughtcloud Foundation that provides scholarships for veterans and fashion students. They also quite nicely offer free access to their products for people with hardships.

Anyway, Thoughcloud seems to be a very well-run company with good branding and an impressive product line.

They also have some pretty nice merch for sale.

Thoughtcloud CBD sweatshirt

Thoughtcl0ud CBD Vape Oil Review

As far as vape products, they basically have 2 formulations both with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) cocnut oil as the carrier oil :

600 mg CBD/MCT oil in a 30 ml bottle

600 mg full-spectrum CBD/MCT oil in a 30 ml bottle

It’s made from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. It’s vegan (duh) and non GMO.

They use CO2 Extraction and the product has been winterized (removed of wax)

They have no choice of strengths but they have 19 different flavors.

They also offer all of these as a bundle with a RUBI vape pen (not one of my favorite devices).

I couldn’t find any lab reports on the site. However, I emailed them and got an immediate response with recent, very thorough COA’s attached.

COA of a CBD vape product
ThoughtCloud Full Spectrum Vape COA



COA of Thoughtcloud CBD Vape
Thoughtcloud CBD Isolate COA


Thoughtcloud COA’s – Lab Reports

Fundamentally, when I look at a CBD vape manufacturer, the COA’s (certificates of analysis)  are the most important thing.  Everything else is secondary.

If the reports look sketchy, blurry, or incomplete, I stop right there and close the page.

The COA’s that Thoughcloud provided had everything you could ask for.  They were recent and complete.

ThoughtCloud Review Grades

COA’s – Lab Reports:  A
Website – A

Their website is clear and easy to navigate

Transparency   A-

Initially, I was a bit concerned because I couldn’t find the COA’s on the site, but the staff is extremely responsive by phone and email. I feel comfortable recommending Thoughtcl0ud.

They mention the founder, Leo Pena, very prominently, but I’d like to know a little more about him.

Quality – A

Aside from the lab reports, I sampled the banana cake flavored CBD vape oil. It was good and vaped quite nicely – smooth and no throat irritation.

Choices – A-

They offer 19 flavors!  That’s actually too much. Seriously, it’s hard to decide.

600 mg/30ml  is a very good concentration and will work for most people, but I’d really like to see 1000 mg offered as well. Cartridges would also be nice to see.

However, I was told that any of the coconut oil based formulations can be vaped – just not the hemp seed oils or the pet products.   So that makes for tons of choices. 

Value – A

The pricing is very reasonable.  Plus, if you look at the COA, there is between 5%-10% more CBD than stated on the label.

Plus shipping is free!

They have a money-back guarantee, but the package has to be unopened so it would only be good if you bought more than one bottle.

Delivery Time  – B  

2-3 Business days


It’s a bit hard to find a really good company.

However, after conducting my research and my Thoughcloud review, all my qualms were satisfied.

I feel very good about recommending ==> Toughtcl0ud CBD 600 mg vape oil <==

They really seem to be a company that is truly committed to providing the best CBD products for the best reason.



John Astrab


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