UFC Trying CBD – Teaming with Cannabis Giant Aurora

UFC Trying CBD – Teaming with Cannabis Giant Aurora


UFC To Test CBD for Performance and Recovery

Pro Athletes in the “Green Closet”

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced a multi-year partnership with Canadian cannabis company Aurora to test CBD products on the performance of UFC athlete participants, in pursuit of advancing science to better support the health and wellness of competitors in one of the most physically testing sports on the planet.”

Original source: cannabisnow.com

UFC Trying CBD - Teaming with Cannabis Giant Aurora

In 2016, when MMA fighter, Nate Diaz, famously pulled out a vape pen during a post-match press conference, he signaled a new era for professional athletes.

There has been plenty of speculation about what was actually in the cartridge. He claims it was CBD vape oil.  But it really doesn’t matter.

That ballsy move was a watershed moment for professional athletes that use cannabis in one form or another. It started discussions about pro players from many sports who are living in the “green closet”.

Retired sports figures felt more open to talk about using cannabis to help deal with the pressure and pain brought about by performing at the highest levels. And according to them, some of the biggest names in sports are using weed to cope.

So when the UFC announced a partnership with one of the biggest cannabis producers in the world, the door of the green closet cracked open a bit wider.

Studying the Effects CBD on Performance and Recovery

Aurora and the UFC  will be conducting research and collecting data from participating MMA fighters in their performance center in Las Vegas. This will be the first major trial of the effect of hemp derived CBD on athletic performance, recovery, pain management and mental wellness.

MMA fighting is perhaps the most punishing of all professional sports. The fighters who participate should be perfect subjects for documenting CBD’s potential healing properties.


The Data on CBD

Research on CBD is sorely lacking right now, but should be ramping up quickly.

The data will belong to Aurora – reportedly for the development of CBD products specifically for top-level performance.  Whether or not they will publish their results is not clear.

It’s highly likely they are building clinical trials for USTPO and FDA submission.

More Legitimacy for Hemp (and Cannabis)

It’s also likely that Aurora will become a highly visible sponsor with their logo prominently displayed in the octagon.

In any case, this partnership – and hopefully the statistical results – will promote awareness and acceptance of hemp-derived CBD.  And it should also foster more openness about pro athletes and the use of cannabis – perhaps encouraging more of them to come out of the green closet.

It will also get the attention of other major sports leagues, maybe forcing them to review their drug policies.

Imagine a player like Lebron James in a commercial for cannabis! Fingers crossed…


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