Vaping CBD Isolate – Most Potent Way to Vape CBD

Vaping CBD Isolate – Most Potent Way to Vape CBD

Why Not Just Vape Pure CBD?

This post could put me out of business.

You see, I blog about vaping CBD and hemp extract. And luckily for me,  the subject matter is almost endless.

There are so many different forms of CBD vape – oils, juices, whole flower, concentrates. And there are so many brands to review, devices to test out, subjects to cover.

Plus as kind of an influencer (yeah, I said it)   I get tons of questions about vaping CBD and hemp extract –  which gives me even more to blog about.

But you wanna know the truth?

The subject can be boiled down to this:

Just vape CBD

I don’t mean PG/VG juice or MCT oil or pods etc.

I mean get some pure CBD isolate powder and vape it. End of story.

Vaping 99% CBD

CBD Isolate powder

Of course there’s a little more to it,  but for a lot of folks, vaping pure CBD isolate could be the answer to all their searches.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a crystalline powder that is 99% pure.  It’s the stuff they add to just about everything these days – specifically vape juices. But did you know that you can just vape it straight?

It’s pretty simple.

You need some CBD Isolate,  a concentrate vaporizer and a dab tool.  You spoon out a bit of isolate onto the coils, hit the power button to melt it –  and start vaping.

That’s it.

It is the fastest, most  powerful way to get CBD into your blood stream.

vaporizer with pure CBD isolate

CBD Isolate Taste

Is it the most delicious way? No. But it’s not bad. And I always say that CBD is a wellness tool and flavor shouldn’t be your deciding factor.

It has a just a faint terpene flavor and it’s a bit harsh – but a lot smoother than a lot of the products with added terpenes.  And again, if you need fast relief, it is the most potent method available.  You will only need two or three puffs to feel the effects.

Pros and Cons of Vaping Pure CBD

  • Fast – Immediate relief
  • Powerful and potent – Up to 5 mg per puff
  • Cost effective – Buying CBD isolate is by far the least expensive way
  • No additives 
  • No carrier liquids
  • Very little flavor
  • A bit harsh
  • Inconvenient

Supplies and Equipment Needed for Vaping CBD Isolate


Vaping pure CBD isolate is serious stuff. It’s for folks with significant issue It’s not recreational. So use it sparingly and strategically.

CBD isolate is perishable. It’s got a short shelf life – perhaps 6 months max. Keep it in a cool dark place.  The fridge is not a bad idea.


Breath in the Goodness of CBD


John Astrab



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