Vape Shops Thrive with CBD

Vape Shops Thrive with CBD

Plus – Free Informative PDF’s for your Customers – See Bottom of Page!

CBD Will Save Vape Shops

I love vape shops

If I’m driving down the road and see one, I will cut the wheel without using my blinker and rumble into the parking lot.

It’s the adult version of a candy shop.

All those colorful little bottles of e-juice lined up so neatly.

All those slick vape mods behind the glass.

The super-knowledgeable, tattooed staff vaping behind the counter.

I never leave a vape shop empty handed.

The CBD Case

But now there is something new in nearly every vape shop – a CBD section.

Whether big or small, most every store I go into now has space dedicated to CBD and hemp. It’s only natural: State and local and federal laws make the future of vaping unclear and CBD is hot right now.

Consequently, vape shop owners find themselves on the front lines of the CBD/hemp movement.  How they handle this position could help determine whether vaping CBD will even be available in a few years.

If they become purveyors of only the best, safest CBD vape products, if they have studied CBD and can provide accurate, helpful information, they might just save CBD vaping and make a lot of money in the process. 

But if they just push mystery CBD e-juice, it’s not going to end well. 

Beleaguered Vape Shops

shelves of vape juice

To be fair, a lot of the outcome is out of their hands. The FDA has a hard on for vaping and CBD.  And state and local law makers love to beat up on vape shops so they can show that they are “protecting the children”.

I’m not discounting the growing epidemic of teen nicotine addiction,  but the kids are not getting their JUUL pods from vape shops. They are getting them from convenience stores and gas stations. Those guys are the real problem.  (They are also the ones selling the sketchiest CBD items.)

Regardless, vaping has an image problem.  The general public doesn’t grasp the fact that it gets people away from the deadliest consumer product ever produced – cigarettes.

But in addition to helping people quit smoking, vape shop retailers have a golden chance to counteract the bad press by helping folks with hemp and CBD vape products.

CBD Hemp Ambassadors

If they do it right, they can be ambassadors of the CBD movement by promoting CBD vape products. They can offer help to people with everything from anxiety to pain to inflammation. (Vaping is the fastest, most effective way to take CBD.)

It’s just a natural progression. Vape shops already have passionate, helpful, knowledgeable staff – who can recommend  products for anyone who walks in the door.

But CBD is different from tobacco products. It’s medicine.  And it has to be approached differently.

An Open Letter to Vape Shops Who Sell CBD

hemp field

Here are my suggestions to responsible vape shop owners who want to promote CBD and hemp properly. Also, if you are a customer, make sure your shop follows these guidelines – or find a different place to get your CBD.

  • Don’t make medical claims
  • Recommend talking to a doctor
  • Be super-educated on hemp and CBD
  • Offer only the safest, highest quality CBD products
  • Differentiate yourself from gas stations
  • Welcome and Anticipate Regulation

Don’t Make Medical Claims

This is a big no-no. You have to walk a fine line between advising consumers and promising results.  Don’t make any specific claims about CBD curing anything.  It doesn’t work for everybody and you could get in trouble with the FDA and your customer.

Recommend Talking to a Doctor

CBD is a drug and a medicine. It has real effects, and it interacts with other medications. Cover yourself and protect your customer by telling them they should tell their doctor they are taking CBD.

Be Super Educated

I’ve been in shops where the person behind the counter knows every replacement coil in the store but almost nothing about CBD.  Your responsibility is to know everything you can about CBD and hemp. Go to conferences, take courses, read all you can online (this blog is a good place to start).

Offer Only the Safest and Best CBD

There are a lot of products out there that have very appealing packaging but have very questionable contents. Seek out only the best manufacturers.

One rule of thumb is to be able to find a lab report on every single CBD SKU in the store. The best ones have QR codes right on the label that bring up recent, complete COA’s (certificates of analysis).

Differentiate Yourself

In general, independent convenience stores are indifferent to the quality of the CBD vape items they sell.  They are in the case up front next to the horny goat weed.  Explain to your customers why your offerings are more than worth the extra money. We are talking about a product that promotes wellness.  Quick marts often sell dangerous crap.

Welcome and Anticipate Regulation

The best CBD producers are anticipating FDA regulations so when they come, they will already be using the best practices.

CBD retailers will almost certainly be licensed and inspected in the future. This is a good thing. The best shops will welcome it and anticipate it. Run your CBD business accordingly.

When regulation comes, the bad players will be out of the game.  And the good vape shops will flourish.

Free Resources for You and Your Customers!

PDF of the different ways to vape CBD

Here are some free resources for you to use for your customers and employees. They are beautiful and helpful PDF’s that you can link to or embed on your website.

==>PDF Different Ways to Vape CBD<==


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==>CBD Per Puff Chart PDF<==


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