4 Reasons Why You Should Vape CBD Hemp Flower

4 Reasons Why You Should Vape CBD Hemp Flower

Why vape CBD Hemp Flower?


What’s better than CBD?

Full-spectrum hemp extract.

What’s better than hemp extract?

High-CBD hemp flower.

“But I already take CBD”

CBD is amazing. It may be the biggest thing to effect health and wellness in our lifetime.

And vaping CBD is the fastest, easiest way to get CBD into your system,

But with all the CBD vape pens, cartridges and e-juices available, why would you want to mess around vaping CBD flower?

Well,as great as it is, CBD is only a single molecule extracted from cannabis.

And most of the CBD vape products out there only have CBD in them.

But hemp produces hundreds of different compounds. The female hemp plant is fairly oozing with sexy goo – cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, lipids.

And here’s the good news – all that goo is is good for you. Research is finding out that all those phytochemicals are not only good for you, but they increase the speed and effectiveness of CBD. 

And again, even the better full spectrum CBD vape oils and e-juices are lacking or are mixed together after extraction.

So how are you going t to get that good stuff all up in ya?

Vaping high-CBD hemp flower is may be the best way to do it.


Just a little chemistry first.

Actually, hemp flower does not contain CBD. It contains high amounts of CBDA, the precursor to CBD. So when you look at the lab report it will say CBDA.

When you vape at high heat – over 320F –  the CBDA converts to CBD by a process called decarboxylation.

So let’s take a look at why you might want to decarboxylate – and vape – CBD hemp flower.


Reasons Why You Should Vape CBD Flower

high CBD flower on an herb grinder

# 1 Vaping High-cbd flower is enjoyable

Unlike tinctures and vape pens, vaping high-CBD hemp flower can provide a zen- like experience – or that of a wine lover.  It gives you a chance appreciate how rich and wonderful cannabis is – something that’s not possible from a vape pen or a gummy.

You can take your time and examine the flower. When you look closely you should see the fine drops of resin clinging to the tiny leaves.

Then smell it and pick out the notes of pine or lemon zest – aromas that explode once you grind up the flower for vaping.

Even grinding the flower and packing the vaporizer are pleasant.

Actually vaping the flower is also a pure experience. It doesn’t taste harsh or funny or fake. It’s cannabis. And any weed aficionado will gladly explain that there are endless intricate combinations of taste and smell from strain to strain.

Handling and vaping the bud is really the only way to experience this for yourself.

# 2 Hemp Flower is Unprocessed/Whole Plant

Extraction and processing of CBD products from hemp is expensive, complicated and wasteful. Worst of all many (usually most) of the helpful phytochemicals are destroyed, degraded or discarded.

Know how to process hemp flower? Cut it, clean it and dry it.

You are getting the whole, complete plant – nothing removed.

# 3 Hemp Flower has No Additives

No only is nothing removed – nothing is added.

High-CBD Hemp flower is natural product of nature.

There is no need to add carrier liquids like propylene glycol, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin or emulsifiers like polysorbate. This liquids probably safe, but why consume them if you don’t have to?

# 4 Vaping cbd flower offers pure flavor

hemp cbd with cocnut and kiwi

Cannabis is a wonderful plant. The shame is that most people take CBD in an odorless, tasteless form with artificial flavors added. Pleasant but not very authentic.

Some manufacturers add terpenes (essential oils) to their vapes and tinctures in order to approximate a “kush” or cannabis flavor. There’s nothing wrong with this per se, but it never tastes exactly right.

Concentrates like dab wax and distillates are great products, but tend to be harsh and usually taste funny or unpleasant.

On the other hand, vaping good-quality, high-CBD hemp flower is a pure, joyful cannabis experience. You can savor the true taste and aroma of hemp.

As you do, you will develop an appreciation of the intricate combinations of flavors that are signatures of different strains of hemp. In other words you will be a connoisseur of cannabis terpenes.

Downsides of Vaping CBD Hemp Flower

On the downside – vaping CBD flower is probably one of the more expensive way to get CBD into your system.

Also – Hemp flower naturally contains THC. It should be less than .3% by weight. (It actually contains THCA which converts to THC when you vape). So if your job involves drug testing, I would steer clear of hemp flower.

Plus,  it’s not as simple or convenient as a vape cartridge, and you’ll need a couple of pieces of special equipment.

You have to grind up the bud or flower into small pieces in order to vape it. You’ll need an herb grinder they’re around $15.

You also have to have a vaporizer especially for dry herb. A decent one will run you about $79 – $99 USD.

So for around a hundred dollars you’ll be all set for the ultimate CBD vaping experience. In my opinion – it is money well spent.

You can then vape organic, pure, complete, whole-plant, high-CBD hemp, with zero additives. Basically, you’re inhaling the essence of pure hemp. 

Actually Vaping CBD Hemp Flower

You’re going to have to buy two pieces of equipment if you want to vape hemp flower.

==>Dry herb vaporizer $99<==

==>Herb Grinder $16<==

It’s basically very simple – break off and grind up a piece of the flower pack your vaporizer and puff.

Here’s a video that actually shows how.  ==>Watch<==



More and more  farms are starting to produce high-CBD hemp flower as the final product. The plants have to be tended and handled much more carefully than if they are grown just for CBD extraction.  Here are some good ones:

Tweedle Farms

Aspen Valley

Monrow Farms


But the final product is well worth the effort – gloriously aromatic CBD buds – loaded with all the phytochemicals that hemp has to offer.

Pure, delicious goodness.


Breath in the goodness of CBD

John Astrab



Neither Hemp nor its byproducts are considered medicine. They are not intended to treat any specific ailment. We can make no claims as such.

All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

All healthcare decisions are yours and yours alone.


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