Vaping CBD Is Most Effective

Vaping CBD Is Most Effective

Inhaling CBD Bests All

I was going to start title this article “Is Vaping the Most Effective Way?”.

But let’s not beat around the bush.

Vaping or inhaling CBD/hemp extract is by far the most effective and efficient method of administration.

Hands down.

Your get over 60% you inhale of the CBD into your system. That may not sound like a lot, but compared to as low as 5% for ingesting, it’s awesome.

The only thing that comes close are CBD suppositories. And frankly, most people would prefer a vape pen.

So what is the number one reason that vaping CBD is so effective?

Vaping CBD Bypasses the Liver

Vaping CBD bypasses the liver making it more effective

The key advantage that vaping has is immediacy.

It gets into your bloodstream directly from your lungs – without having to get through your digestive tract or liver first.

It will eventually go through your liver – like everything else does. But by that time, most of it has hit your endocannabinoid system and started working.

Advantages of Vaping CBD

Because of this fact, vaping CBD has some advantages over other methods.

  • It offers faster relief – within minutes
  • It’s more cost effective – if you absorb a greater percentage
  • Dosing is much easier – once determine how much CBD you get per puff

Problems with Ingesting CBD

CBD gummie bears close up

Vaping CBD is effective, but CBD Gummies are for dummies.

Sorry, but it’s true.

When you buy a bag of CBD gummie worms, your body is going to destroy or discard 90%-95% of the CBD.

You are basically paying about $60/lb for sugar. Is that smart?

Here’s the main problem with ingesting CBD.

Most of the compounds in CBD are lipophilic – they love fat, not water. And your digestive tract – from your mouth to your small intestine is lined with acidic water.

Most of the CBD and other good phytochemicals bounce along and get ushered right out the back door.

Thanks for coming.

Other Barriers for CBD

So here’s what a molecule of ingested CBD has to go through to get into your bloodstream to do its work:

  • It has to survive the highly acidic environment of your mouth and stomach.
  • Then it has to try to get absorbed by your small intestine.
  • From there it has to make it through your liver.
Digestive tract illustration with CBD

Your liver is a filter. Whatever CBD doesn’t get caught and broken down the first time finally goes into your system as what’s called first pass absorption.

If it comes back to your liver again – curtains.

As you can see, our little, swallowed CBD molecule has a harrowing journey with little chance of survival.

Improving Technology

So I hope I’ve talked you out of just gulping down CBD edibles.

But, even though nothing will ever beat vaping CBD for effectiveness, speed and bioavailability, technology is improving the absorption of hemp extracts.

Liposomal CBD oil – This method surrounds the CBD particles with water-loving molecules – thus allowing for greater absorption.

Similarly, nanotechnology breaks down the oily hemp compounds into much smaller particles which pass through the walls of the small intestine much more easily.

But with both of these methods, the hemp extract still had to make it through the old liver first. Which will destroy a good portion of it.

Sublingual Tinctures

CBD for the people tincture eye dropper

Like vaping, holding a CBD tincture under your tongue will also allow some CBD to bypass the liver. That’s because the underside of your tongue has fat veins and membranes that absorb substances directly into the bloodstream.

But there’s no way you are going to absorb more than a portion of the tincture before your saliva dilutes it and you have to swallow.

Then it’s got to go through the whole digestive system again.

Once again, vaping CBD is just more effective.


So, there may come a day when some technology beats vaping CBD for effectiveness (doubt it). But right now it is the best way to get the immediate relief that hemp can provide.

Click here if you’d like more information about how to vape CBD hemp.

Breath in the goodness of CBD

John Astrab


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