Is Vaping CBD Safe? Avoid Potential Health Risks

Is Vaping CBD Safe? Avoid Potential Health Risks

Your Guide for Making Vaping CBD Safe


Vaping CBD produces amazing results! It dramatically brings relief and improves lives. But is it  vaping CBD safe?

It’s hard to remember any health supplement that has ever caused so much excitement. It’s like we just got the keys to Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

At this point – I think we can all agree that CBD is a truly amazing substance. The early returns are in, and they are overwhelmingly positive. People are reporting nearly miraculous results about alleviation of pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, diabetes and on and on.

That’s why we are seeing CBD pop up in everything from gummies to ointments to tinctures to bath bombs to face creams to doggie treats.

Additionally, CBD is also available in various forms for vaping.

But with all the different forms of consuming CBD available, why would someone inhale CBD?

Advantages of Vaping CBD

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Before we get into vaping CBD safely, let’s talk about why you should consider it.

Inhaling has a lot of advantages over ingesting  – such as:

  • Quicker  – This is by far the greatest advantage. Because vaping bypasses your digestive system, the effects are virtually immediate. This is critical if you are having a migraine or an anxiety attack.
  • More efficient –  Your body absorbs over 95% into your blood stream. Ingesting can be as low as 30%.
  • More cost effective  – Because the absorption is so complete, there is very little waste. This makes vaping the best bang for your buck.
  • More Accurate Dosing – Since the effects are immediate and complete, you are better able to adjust your dosage. There is little chance of taking too much.
  • Effective on a full stomach – Food and stomach acid can diminish the positive effects of any supplement.
  • More relaxing and enjoyable – 

    The act of breathing in can have a relaxing, synergistic effect when combined with CBD. Also, CBD vape juice comes is dozens of flavors.

  • Easier – Using sublingual tinctures – Dripping liquid under your tongue and trying not to swallow for 2 minutes –  is not that great.
  • No Aftertaste – Some CBD products can have a strong, lingering flavor that not everyone loves.
  • More convenient – A vape pen is approximately the size of a ball point pen. You can carry it anywhere.  It’s not messy or bulky like liquids.
  • Has Zero calories – Gummies are fine, but who needs the extra sugar?

As you can see – vaping CBD might be the best way to get its incredible health benefits for a lot of folks. But it seems daunting and maybe a little bit scary – or even risky and dangerous.

But is vaping CBD Safe or Dangerous?   

woman looking at a CBD vape cevice

There are certain risks  – if you are uninformed.  But they are easily diminished or avoided completely.

If there are possible dangers, it’s a question of vaping itself or the stuff manufacturers add to it not CBD. As far as we can tell, CBD seems to only have positive effects.

A lot of  concern has to do with common perceptions, misinformation and bad press about vaping.

Let’s take a look at some of these vaping issues that rightly or wrongly cast a shadow over vaping in general.

Why People are Reluctant to Vape CBD?

Nicotine Addiction

The FDA is rightfully concerned about nicotine addiction – especially among young people. But CBD vape juices and pens do not contain any nicotine.  So this should not be a concern at all.

Vaping is associated with smoking

Vaping conjures up a lot of bad associations with smoking cigarettes and other less-than-legal items. After time, people should come to the realization that it is not evil.

It helps to remember – vaping is NOT smoking.

Smoke is super-fine ash created from burning a combustible material. It is a solid.

Vapor is liquid particles that are suspended in air.

Breathing smoke is bad for you. Period. The amount of toxins in smoke – especially cigarette smoke – are staggering.

Breathing vapor could be either neutral or bad. However, there is no question that vaping is far less risky than smoking. If fact perhaps up to 95 less risky.

That’s not to say there’s no risk – but we’ll get to that later.

The Vaping Industry Has a Poor Track Record

The vaping industry has a reputation problem. And it’s almost completely self-inflicted. Lack of regulation, shady manufacturers, questionable ingredients and marketing tactics have all combined to get vaping off on the wrong foot as far as public perception is concerned.

Add to that the epidemic of underage nicotine addiction and vape pens exploding in people’s pants, and it’s no wonder that most folks have a negative opinion of vaping.

This is really unfortunate because vaping has the potential of drastically reducing cigarette smoking. It also has the potential of delivering many popular supplements in a much more efficient manner than ingesting.

vaping sign

Inhaling Supplements is not Common

People ingest all types things without a second thought. But inhaling a substance for health benefits is rather unusual and this causes some resistance.

Aroma therapy and the popularity of essential oils are beginning to show the powerful healing results of breathing in natural phyto-chemicals (plant compounds). And vaping should become more accepted over time.

People Are Unsure About Vaping Equipment and Liquids

Unlike swallowing a capsule, vaping uses a device to atomize and deliver CBD in a vapor form. There are countless different styles and sizes to choose from.

Also, there are hundreds of CBD vape juices available right now. There are also liquid and solid concentrates that can be vaped.

People may be daunted by the vast array of choices.

So what are these risks, and how real are they?

vape cloud

Potential Risk Factors when Vaping CBD

Below are a list of potential risk factors with vaping CBD. As you will see, most are easily avoidable by being a knowledgeable consumer and buying quality products. So read on and be aware so you can keep vaping CBD safe.

Propylene Glycol  (PG)

Propylene Glycol is an extremely common additive used in everything from candy to cosmetics. It is FDA approved and non toxic.

It’s used in some CBD vape juices to lower viscosity and to improve the quality of the vapor cloud.

There is no evidence of any health consequences from breathing in PG vapor. Theatrical smoke machines use it and many actors and stage workers have been exposed to it for years – with no reported illnesses resulting.

A report from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry determined:

“Propylene glycol is generally considered to be a safe chemical, and is not routinely tested for, unless specific exposure, such as to a medicine or cosmetic, can be linked with the observed bad symptoms. Since propylene glycol breaks down very quickly in the body, it is very difficult to detect.”

So what’s the concern?

The Problem is –  If PG is heated at very high temperatures – above 446 degrees fahrenheit  – it can break down into formaldehyde – a cancer causing chemical.

This is really not an issue because any reputable vaping device will not approach that high of a temperature. Many have a temperature adjustment feature.  So make sure you buy your device from a well known manufacturer.

Or if you want to avoid PG completely, there are many CBD e-liquids that use vegetable glycerin instead or vegetable oil (MCT). Check the list of ingredients or contact the manufacturer.

You can also vape a pure CBD concentrate that has no solvents or other ingredients – which we’ll touch on later on.

Risk: Extremely low     

Conclusion: can be easily completely avoided if you are concerned


Most vape pens and cartridges use MCT – medium chain triglyceride oil as a carrier liquid to make CBD vapable.  There has been some concern expressed about the safety of vaping oil into your lungs.

One disease that keeps coming up in comment threads is exogenous lipoid pneumonia. It is an extremely rare disorder that is caused by breathing in waxes or oils. There are only a handful of cases world wide each year and they usually extraordinary circumstances. In most cases, the subject fully recovered without any treatment except to avoid breathing in the offending substance.

There have only been two cases related to vaping – both were heavy e-cig users.

If you use a CBD vape pen you are only taking a few puffs a day – not hundreds like an e-cigarette user.

Your chances from getting pneumonia from vaping CBD are statically zero.



Diacetyl is the compound in butter and other foods that gives them buttery or savory tastes.  It’s been isolated and added to food products for decades – most notably microwave popcorn.

In 2002 several workers in a processing plant that produced microwave popcorn started showing signs of COPD.  It was determined to have been caused by years of exposure to diacetyl and other flavorings.  Their condition was termed “popcorn lung”.

Many makers of vape juice used diacetyl in e-juices to achieve flavors like cookie and custard.

Most have discontinued using it. Europe has banned its use in e-juices.

Popcorn lung is an extremely rare condition and the risks from vaping it seem to be minimal.

However, You can easily avoid diacetyl  when vaping CBD.

You can vape unflavored CBD e-juice or  make sure the flavored ones you like don’t contain diacetyl. Check out the producer’s website. Send them an email if it doesn’t mention diacetyl-free.

Risk:  Extremely Low   

Conclusion: Can be completely avoided easily


Cuticle Wax

bottle of cbd vape juice

Both hemp and marijuana have a waxy outer layer on their leaves.  When marijuana is smoked the wax burns and the smoke is inhaled.

With vaping, the temperature doesn’t get high enough to burn the wax. There is concern that inhaling this small amount of wax over time will leave deposits in the lungs and cause lipid pneumonia

Lipid (or lipoid) pneumonia is extremely rare. However,  there is no reason to take any chances. You can easily avoid this issue by using products that have been “winterized” or de-waxed in the processing.

Risk: Extremely low  

Conclusion: Make sure your CBD e-liquid has been de-waxed or “winterized”.


Some manufacturers use industrial solvents – like butane or hexane to isolate the CBD from the plant material. It is possible that some trace of toxic solvent could remain in the finished product.

More and more manufacturers are using a CO2 method to draw out the CBD and terpenes from the hemp plant. This eliminates any possibility of heavy solvents lurking in your vape juice.

Risk: Low   

Conclusion: Make sure your CBD product has been extracted using the CO2 method and has independent lab results. 


Girl inside vaping CBD

Best Practices for Vaping CBD Safely

As with any supplements – the biggest risks are poor quality products.

Vaping CBD can be an enormous benefit to many people. Make sure you don’t counteract that with low quality products.

Make sure you do a little homework first. And don’t try to find the cheapest CBD e-juice. You almost always get what you pay for.

The vaping industry is maturing and the they realize that providing the best quality, safest experience is in their long term interest. The best companies are completely transparent about the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

There are many sketchy CBD vape products with very little information on their labels.

Find a Quality Manufacturer

Right now CBD is pretty much unregulated.  There are a lot of very questionable products on the market. One of the best ways of keeping vaping safe is to know what you are vaping.

The best companies strictly regulate themselves. They are fanatical about the purity of their product and completely transparent.

A responsible manufacturer will provide an ingredient list information about the processing and also contact information.

They will also have 3rd party lab results readily available. THIS IS KEY.  They test for heavy metals, pesticides, mold, fungus etc.

The reports should be tied to a batch number.

  • Make sure you visit their website. You can get a pretty good idea about the company by their homepage. Read about their products.
  • Look for independent lab reports and COA’s (certificates of analysis) by batch number. 
  • See if they offer an email address or phone number.
  • Contact them with any questions you might have.
  • Ask them how your vaporizer should be set for their product.

A responsible company will readily answer any health concerns you may have.

Join a Facebook group or other online forums and ask for recommendations and reviews. You will get tons of helpful folks who can steer you to the best products for vaping CBD safely.

So if you want to experience vaping CBD in the safest, most beneficial way possible, follow these rules:

  • Buy high quality vaporizers. The factory setting limits will ensure that you are vaping CBD safely.
  • Buy high quality CBD e-liquid – Make sure you are using the highest quality CBD vape juice available.  It should not contain diacetyl, propelene glycol, or wax. Make sure it has been processed using CO2 extraction.
  • Use recommended temperature, wattage and voltage settings. This ensures that you are getting the most benefit and that you are vaping CBD safely.
  • Vape less – Buy higher concentrations of CBD (1000 mg or higher) and vape less often.
  • Buy “Full Spectrum” CBD. It has all the beneficial phytochemicals that make CBD such a wonderful product.


Make vaping CBD safe!

We hope this guide was a useful in informing you how to vape CBD in the safest way possible.

Your health is your responsibility.  There are risks and side effects with nearly any supplement or medication.  It’s up to you to decide is vaping CBD is right for you.

Click here If you would like to read an extensive guide to vaping CBD 

John Astrab



All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.







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