Vaping Lung Illnesses

Vaping Lung Illnesses

Media Coverage Incomplete, Misleading

“The bulk of the cases seem to involve patients inhaling tetrahydrocannabinol, from THC oil cartridges supposedly bought off the street or at head shops, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” – Original Source – Vice

Up to 300 people have been stricken with an extremely serious lung ailment in various sections across the US. The first cases were reported in June and the number and frequency of the outbreak has escalated over the last several weeks.

The facts are still be sorted through, but it appears that most – if not all – of the cases stem from black market THC vaping cartridges – sold on the street or at pop-up markets called “seshes”.

Sketchy, Transient Markets


A sesh is an illegal, temporary store that who’s location and hours are not advertised, but spread by word of mouth via texting and direct messaging.

Underground producers of THC vape products start a message train announcing the when and where to those in the know. They usually pop up in warehouses or vacant storefronts to sell their illicit wares.

Of course the actual ingredients of the items are a complete mystery. They are often labeled with the brand Dank Vapes – a non-existent manufacturer.

Lazy, Wreckless Reporting

You got to the bottom of this story fast!

But instead of digging into this shadowy world where young people are being poisoned, the media is all too happy to implicate vaping and e-cigarettes in general.

It’s very easy to get a quote from a doctor or local health official about the dangers of teen vaping.

It’s also easy to mention JUUL and quote a few statistics about underage nicotine addiction.

But this kind of careless, cursory reporting misleads the public, stokes the anti-vaping sentiment and – worst of all – ignores the actual cause of these horrific poisonings. Allowing the unaware young people to keeping getting sick.

This is a crime story – not an editorial on teen vaping. Do your jobs and find out who the criminals are (hint: not JUUL).

Reasoning and Facts

woman vaping CBD near a car

Instead of stoking the flames of anti-vaping hysteria, any reporter that took a few minutes to collect the known facts could deduce that this is an issue of tainted drugs not e-cigarettes or flavored vape juice.

Millions of people from different demographics have been vaping across the country for over ten years.

Yet these illnesses popped up suddenly, in batches, in tight geographic areas. And almost all the victims were young, white and middle class.

If e-cigarettes were the cause, the cases would be spread across the entire country and across many segments of the population.

So basic logic would eliminate legitimate vaping products at your local vape shop.


Teen nicotine addiction is a huge problem and has to be dealt with.

Banning vaping is not the answer. And using tragedies like this current outbreak to as “evidence” is disingenuous at best wreckless at worst.

Vaping is a technology that helps people quit smoking.

It also delivers cannabis extracts (THC, CBD) in the fastest, most efficient way.

Furthermore, it is something that consenting adults should be allowed to enjoy. When done with legitimate products, there are no toxins that would cause these terrible injuries.

However, the US has a long history of prohibition – and The media’s atrocious coverage of this story may have given vaping the death sentence.

Sad in so many ways.


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