What Are Terpenes in CBD?

What Are Terpenes in CBD?

Terpenes In CBD? Not Exactly

What are terpenes in CBD? Long story short:

  • Terpenes are smelly chemicals that plants produce to attract pollinators.
  • CBD is a specific molecule
  • Technically there are no terpenes in CBD.

There might be terpenes with CBD . There should be terpenes with your CBD, but they are two separate things. Let me explain.

The CBD Explosion


First off, CBD -the amazing substance, has hit the world so fast that there is a lot of confusion.

And so many companies are jumping into the market. Unfortunately most are only interested in throwing some CBD into their product so they can charge more money.

Additionally, people use the term “CBD” as a general term for pretty much any consumable product that  has CBD in it.

For example:

“I’m vaping CBD”  “I rub CBD on my sore knee”  “My dog takes CBD for anxiety”

Don’t get me

However CBD is a specific molecule.

CBD molecule
Here’s the little feller right here!


When it comes to the quality and effectiveness of cannabis, terpenes are what make the biggest difference. This article takes a look at terpenes and explains how they impact the cannabis you consume. Armed with this information, you can then choose strains that give you the best possible results. Some people feel tempted to overlook this step but have no idea what they are missing. Once you see the benefits of using the correct terpenes, you will never look back.



Terpenes Overview


This section gives a basic overview of terpenes and the role they play in plants, which is a good place from which to start. Many plants create terpenes to attract bees and other pollinators, but terpenes also act to keep some predators away. In simple terms, terpenes are chemical compounds that give plants their unique scent and flavor. More than 20,000 variations of terpenes have been identified, and cannabis contains over 100.


When it comes to cannabis quality and effectiveness, terpenes impact your experience in more ways than you might think. A lot of people are stunned when learning about these concepts for the first time, and understanding terpenes gives you much more control over the experience you get when using CBD for pain, anxiety of insomnia.



Why Terpenes in CBD Matter


Now that you know terpenes are chemicals that exist in plants, it’s time to review the way they impact cannabis plants. Depending on your needs and desired outcome, using cannabis with the right terpenes for your situation gives you access to a variety of excellent benefits:



  • Enhanced Smell


  • Enhanced Flavor


  • Enhanced Effectiveness


  • Custom Results



When you add cannabis to food, it impacts the flavor you can expect, and you will be thrilled when you uncover a flavor you love. Choosing terpenes in CBD is how you get cannabis that has a taste you will enjoy each time you want to take advantage of the benefits. Some people even believe they get additional benefits from certain smells, but scientists must do a little more research to confirm that theory.


What you can do, however, is increase or decrease the effectiveness of CBD based on the terpenes you use, and the possibilities are almost endless. New research has found that using the correct combination of terpenes gives people the benefits of CBD while better managing the unwanted side-effects. In other words, terpenes can change the way people use and think about cannabis, and many people will soon enjoy the rewards.



Factors That Impact CBD Levels


Many factors affect the quality of terpenes in CBD, and you have to keep a few things in mind if you grow plants. The type of plant you grow and the way you care for it can improve CBD terpenes. When the plants are mature and ready for harvest, the way you pick and handle them can harm or decrease CBD terpenes if you are not careful.


When you buy cannabis, make sure you do so from someone who understands CBD terpenes and how they work. Those who have this knowledge and use caution each step of the way preserve these chemicals and give you a much better experience. Those who take the right steps to maintain terpenes will often charge a bit more for their products, but the extra cost is worth the rewards.



Terpenes Found in Cannabis


At this point, you have already learned about terpenes and why they play a vital role in any CBD product you buy or use. We are now going to explore the types of terpenes found in CBD:



  • Pinene


  • Myrcene


  • Limonene


  • Humulene


  • Linalool


  • Caryophyllene


  • Terpinolene



Pinene is a terpene you can find in many places, such as basil and pine needles. You can achieve many benefits from using CBD with pinene, and countering the short-term memory loss caused by THC is one of the most notable. In the right proportions, you can use pinene to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without dealing with the downsides.


Myrcene is the terpene that makes you feel sleepy when you use cannabis, and it’s also the most common type in CBD. Using cannabis with low levels of myrcene combats the tired and sleepy feeling many people experience, allowing you to feel much more alert and ready to take on the day.


Some people run to the kitchen and eat everything in sight when using cannabis. If you don’t want to follow that path, look for strains with high levels of humulene, which is an appetite suppressor. Linalool is the one you want if your goal is to reduce stress and lower the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Terpinolene is another one of the terpenes in CBD that fights anxiety and lets you achieve a relaxed and pleasant state of mind when you need it the most.



Final Thoughts


Learning about terpenes in CBD and how they work is essential for anyone who wants to get the most from the rewards while lowering the side-effects and downsides. The terpenes you get can increase the impact of certain properties while removing others, giving you a custom experience that moves you toward your goals.


Boosted flavor and enhanced smell are additional rewards you get from choosing the best terpenes, and you will be pleased with the path you have selected when you see the outcome for yourself.


Those who don’t know about terpenes or the way they impact CBD and THC don’t know what they are missing, and you now have another tool you can use to optimize your next batch. Even with the rewards about which we already know, we still have a lot left to learn. With legalization becoming more and more common, the future is bright for CBD and those who enjoy everything it has to offer.

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