Why Most CBD Vape Products Are Garbage – or Worse

Why Most CBD Vape Products Are Garbage – or Worse


Marketing Is Ruining CBD Vape

I blog about vaping CBD.

And I basically hate almost all CBD vape brands.

Let me explain.

One of the things people always ask is if a particular brand of CBD vape juice is good.

So I’ve checked out A LOT of CBD companies.

I would readily say that well over 95% are bogus.

I’m not saying that their products are necessarily bad or fake. But when you really look at these brands, there is nothing behind them. And it usually follows that their CBD vape juice is not what it’s supposed to be. This is why most CBD products on the shelf are junk.

There is a small percentage of really bad players who are just flat out scamming and making fake crap.

But the vast majority of the poor quality CBD products are churned out carelessly rather than maliciously – by what I call Bro Marketing companies.

These companies are about nothing but branding and marketing.

I’m not against marketing. I love advertising.  But there is just something cynical about the CBD business right now – and that applies double for the CBD vape space.

Why do I say that? Because it’s all backwards.  The vast majority of these brands start with the marketing. Then they work with private label producers to make the product. The actual CBD vape juice one of the last things they consider.  And quality is not particularly important.

CBD Vape Bros

Here’s a pretty typical scenario.

A few bros  – that were in the same fraternity –  are hanging out, smoking weed. One of them says, “Dude, we should sell our own brand of CBD vape juice!”

They figure out their target demographic – millennial males, yoga moms, old people – whatever. Then they come up with a brand name, color scheme, tagline etc. They sketch out a product line and write a business plan.  Names of possible celebrity spokespeople are bandied about.

Then they pool their money and also get some real capital from a small VC firm. They incorporate offshore.

Finally they start looking for private label suppliers to make the shit for them.

Quality Takes Dedication

I’m not saying that they are aiming to rip people off, but they are not particularly concerned if their customers are not getting what they paid for – or worse yet – getting some stuff that they shouldn’t be (pesticides, heavy metals, mold etc. )

It is really difficult and expensive to make a perfectly clean, safe, high quality hemp extract that matches up exactly to the labeling. It requires rock solid procedures and painstaking attention. The amount of testing required is crazy.

But If marketing is your top priority, it’s highly unlikely that you will make a first quality, properly labeled CBD vape juice by accident.

CBD and Hemp Should Be Different – Somehow

Maybe I’m being naive, but I feel that bringing a hemp/CBD brand to market should be approached differently than a workout supplement.

If you an ounce of appreciation of all the hardships and struggles that people endured to make cannabis and hemp legal, you just wouldn’t be so careless about the end product.

You don’t have to get all new-age hippie about it, but have some respect – for the amazing benefits of this plant and for the revolution that it is starting.

Daring the FDA

FDA logo

Because after all,  this could be a whole new era in wellness – one where we take charge of our own health rather than relying in the medical profession and Big Pharma.

But irresponsible manufacturers, marketers and retailers are jeopardizing the whole CBD movement. Thy’re practically begging the FDA to make CBD a prescription drug. Of course,  it already is. Epidiolex (cannabidiol)  was approved in 2018.

If people start getting sick from bad CBD vape juice – the FDA will shut it down.  Believe me – they are looking for an excuse.


Like I always preach – do a little research before you buy any CBD vape product. You’ll likely find that the brand you were considering is just that – simply a brand with nothing behind it. And the product they produce is mislabeled garbage.

Please don’t buy into the bro marketing. Don’t encourage them. Buy from real, dedicated companies. Then you will promoting the CBD movement – not helping a bro get a Lambo.


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