Yocan Flick Unboxing and Review

Yocan Flick Unboxing and Review

Kick it Old School with the Yocan Flick

Vaping CBC is fairly new and trendy. Most of the devices out there have a sleek modern look. The JUUL for example looks like an expensive USB drive.

That’s fine if you want to be discreet. But for those of you who appreciate a more classic aesthetic – while still being smooth, YoCan USA has your mod – The Flick.

The Flick is a throwback design made to resemble the size shape and feel of a Zippo lighter. It has a flip lid which can be popped up with your thumb – just like James Dean used to do. That’s one of my favorite things about Yocan – their appreciation of design and retro style – especially with their limited editions.

The Flick feels pretty close to a real Zippo. It’s a bit more of a rectangle than a square shape and seems perhaps a little lighter and less sturdy maybe because it’s not filled with fluid.

It comes with a thin liquid and a wax atomizer.

I bought the special edition rainbow color. It is beautiful but scratches easily and is a fingerprint magnet.  It has a nice draw with either atomizer. Seems like a pretty competent and versatile little box mod.

YoCan Flick CBD vaporizer


Retail price:  $47.50 USD

81mm tall by  36mm wide by 16mm thick

It’s got a 5-push on/off, a USB charge port and a window to check you vape oil level.

It comes with 5 pieces – the box mod/battery, a liquid atomizer, a concentrate atomizer, a dab tool and a USB cord.

The liquid atomizer is 1 ohm and the wax atomizer is 1.8 ohm. They both have a magnetic connector for easy changing. Both of these atomizers have a ceramic coil.

Neither one has a mouth piece per se.  A normal refillable cartridge will probably not work. It will stick out too much and no t allow the lid to fully close. You’ll have to by replacements from Yocan.

It has a 650mAh battery. No voltage adjustment.

Pros and Cons


Style,  Versatility, Magnetic Connectors


No Voltage Adjustment, Atomizers have to be reordered from YoCan, Slightly cheap feel


The YoCan Flick is a fun, little unit. It’s definitely style over substance, though. There are plenty more sturdy mods out there. I have a feeling that it won’t hold up to everyday CBD vaping usage.

But if want a bit of old school cool in your pocket, grab this for Saturday night and watch the squares hate on you.

3.5 Hemp Leaves

Check it out here





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